Friday, July 30, 2010

Anxiety Attack

Satan, aka my monster-in-law has been here belittling me since Tuesday... that's right, 3 days of torture. I'm at my wits end and I can't be nice to her any more. She keeps trying to tell me how to run MY house, and when we were at the grocery store, she even tried to tell me what food to buy him. Pretty sure he AND his room mate pretty much lived at my apartment the entire summer before they deployed. I can tell you what BOTH of them like to eat, so thank but no thanks on your suggestions. I can handle this.

Its gotten to the point where I came home from lunch today, listened to her crap for all of 15 minutes, then locked myself in my room. I'm having anxiety attacks from all of the things she's doing. She doesnt lock the doors, she leaves the doors open, every ceiling fan is on, she leaves a sink full of dishes when the dish washer is RIGHT there!! She cut like 2 feet off of the bottom of my WILLOW tree that is supposed to touch the ground today... I know she was trying to be helpful, but this is my house, and I like my tree the way it is. I'm so nauseous right now b/c of my anxiety its not even funny. I really think I have OCD. Steven likes to tease me about it, but I mean, with anxiety like this just because she is moving my stuff around, I'm starting to really believe him.

Now I think I know why her husband has been taking so many naps... I think he's really just hiding from her. I've got my computer & my own bathroom so I've decided to camp out here until: A. She leaves or B. Steven comes home & kicks her out.

Please feel free to send supplies to my bedroom... I think I might be here a while :(


  1. Well hopefully he comes home soon!!

  2. I hope he comes home soon. Until then I'll give you updates from the outside and send food! haha.

  3. No bueno! But all is better now ;)

    But seriously, WTF! I think that day I would have really said something. There is only so much you can take and she's only trying to break you down. You not saying anything is just confirming something in her mind. I'd put her in her place. I'm sorry hun!!!