Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Be a follower... everyone is doing it ;)

I just started on this whole blogging adventure, and so far I havent lost interest... we will see how that goes once Steven is home from the big sandbox across the sea & I'm back to teaching mon-fri. Hopefully I can continue to blog away.

I started "following" a lot of blogs recently. I don't like to follow blogs privately because I feel like I'm spying by being on your blog without telling you. A lot of the blogs I have previewed so far have had a lot of personal information on them, almost as in a diary, and I'd like to acknowledge the fact that I am enjoying your blog. I always read a few posts before I click follow to make sure that it's something that I would be interested in. A lot of you lovely ladies got added because you are fellow MilSpouses. I love to read about how other ladies adapt to this crazy lifestyle. It's neat to read about ladies from branches besides the Army, because I get insight into just how diverse the military is. It doesnt matter if our loved ones are Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, whatever, we all miss them when they're away, and exude a ridiculous amount of pride in what they do.

Somehow I found myself on Life as a Sailors Girl. If you aren't following her, I would highly recommend it. Her blog is so cute, and I love reading what she has to say. Through her, or her followers I have found most of you. The hardest thing about being a follower of other peoples blogs for me is I feel compelled to read EVERY blog that you have posted. If you spent the time to write it, I think it deserves to be read. So far I have read all of Mrs. Gambizzle's post at LaaSG, and all of Allissa's posts at Hope Floats (another blog I really enjoyed). My current mission is reading A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife, which so far I am loving as well. Eventually I will get to everyone else that I am following as well... or at least that's the plan right now :D

So this is my kudo's to all of the lovely ladies that I have begun following. Thank you for letting people share on your great blogs. Maybe someday I will have lots of blog posts that someone else will enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed reading all of yours.


  1. All of the girls you named above are some of my absolute favorites! I'm just like you. When I first started blogging, I felt like I HAD to read every blog on someone's page...it took up alot of my day haha. So have fun. :) It's so interesting to me to be given a glimpse into someone else's life.

  2. I am so excited that someone likes my blog! Dorky, but true!! And FYI I have already fallen in love with yours! :)

  3. @Kelsey... reading blogs has already taken up too much of my time!! Good thing it's summer vacation for me :)

    @allissa... I love you blog! It's not dorky to be excited that people like it. It just means you're doing something right ;)