Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Motivation

As I posted earlier, I have spent the past two days sitting in a classroom learning about phonics (yes, it is as boring as it sounds) and the day before that I spent 13 hours in a car on my journey back to NC from NY. Needless to say, after not doing much of anything that requires thought while in my home state, these last 3 days have drained me. I have not done one productive thing since I got home at 3:30 besides finishing reading a great blog by Brittney. Check it out if you haven't.

A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife

Although I think finishing reading her blog is an accomplishment in my mind, I dont think others would agree. lol. I'm excited I get to move on to another blog now. However, my main goal right now is to get my butt off the couch and get some house work done. I have a million things on my to-do list, and I need to get cracking on them. My MIL is coming next week to drop off our boat, so I would like to get the house cleaned before she gets here with my step-FIL. We just bought this house in April, so she hasnt seen it yet. (neither has Steven for that matter because he's been deployed since last summer) Also, my friend Jamie just got a job at an oncology office an hour away from here, so she will be staying with me/us for a little while until she gets settled in down here. Steven will be home SOON, and lastly I start back to work August 17th. All of this stuff going on means that I really need to get my butt in gear with this house. I STILL have boxes that are not unpacked in the garage. Ughhhhhh. Aside from the housework, I really need to do some yard work, upload the rest of the pictures I took in NY, and get some lessons for the beginning of school. Steven's block leave is scheduled for September as of right now, so I'd much rather get some school work done now while I can, and not have anything to do once he's on leave.

Ok, enough of the computer for now. Off to do some laundry... Ohhhhh how I loathe laundry... and dishes... and dusting... lol


  1. I love Brittney's blog...she's absolutely great. And you sound like you'll be busy! Too bad I'm lazy haha.

  2. Ha Ha... I have been busy, even though I would like to be lazy. My thought process is if I can get it all done now, I can be lazy when Steven finally gets back. I highly doubt thats gonna happen though. lol.