Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In high school I took photography. I took a lot of art classes actually. We had to have two "majors" in high school and of course I went a bit overboard.

I had four... art, French, science & math...
- I hated math, but I figured I might as well take it, because I was pretty good at it.
- I loved science. It was my best subject, besides art. I remember a day in Biology when I was the ONLY person in ALL FOUR of her classes that passed the Ecology test.
- I only took French as long as I did because I didnt want to have to take it in college. I can't really speak it any more, but I can still read it pretty well.
- Art took up pretty much all of my electives besides French. I took drawing, painting, photography, media arts, graphic design, ceramics... pretty much anything I could get into.

& I graduated in the top 10% of my 450+ graduating class

I loved my photography class. It was my senior year & it was first thing in the morning with one of my very best friends from high school, Bridget. We pretty much NEVER did what we were supposed to be doing during photography, and instead would have to spend our study hall in the dark room playing "catch-up." That was fine with me though. We had some great times in there. We kind of waged a war with a few of the other art majors. They thought they were better than everyone else, so we put them in their place ;)

I didnt really do well with photography when it came to the actual assignments. I loved Mr. Kelly, and I thought his assignments were great, but I didnt really like having to take pictures to fit an assignment. All of my best pictures from that class were ones that I took on my own. My mom had gotten me a Canon Rebel G and I loved it. It was an easy camera to start out with. Just recently I decided I wanted to get back into taking pictures, but I couldnt really use my Rebel G anymore. It's sad that in the SEVEN years since I graduated high school, 35mm cameras have become pretty much non-existent. It was time for an upgrade... $905 later I left Best Buy with a brand new Canon Rebel T1i and a 4 year warrantee. I looked at a lot of Nikons since I'd heard good things, but Canon will always have my heart.

I got it home and sat patiently while the battery charged for 2 hours... I can honestly say, it was worth EVERY penny. Now I'm dying for a new telephoto lens so I can take pictures from further away. If anyone is looking for a new camera, I would definitely recommend this one. It's pretty simple to use, and it has an HD video camera. If you're thinking you don't have $900 around, it's only $699 without the warrantee. I just didnt want to risk breaking my brand new toy, so I let myself get sucked into the extra $149.

Here are a few of my amateur shots






None of these have been edited... I'm too lazy for that ;)

More to come

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