Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Super Cute Personalized Magnets

Fish tank jewels + paint + button magnets = super cute craft

I saw people selling these on myspace and I thought they were adorable. Being as I am super cheap, and really crafty, I figured I would make them myself instead of sending some random a paypal payment for $5 for a set of 3. For $10 I could make 100. All you need is a bag of clear fish tank jewels, a pack of button magnets(the round ones) & paint. You can get all of this in the craft section at Walmart. I had a bunch of little paint brushes, but if you dont, you can use toothpicks.

Since I am stubborn, I refused to look up how to make them on the internet. It took me quite a few attempts to figure out how to get them to look as cute as I had seen them online. At first I tried using marker on paper and gluing it to the back of the fish tank jewels. The marker ran, and the black color of the magnet showed through the paper once I put the glue on it. It was a total bust. Then I tried using paint on the paper so it didnt run like the markers, but it looked like crap with the paper too. Next I tried painting the magnets white & putting the design/words on them to avoid the paper altogether. Those looked okay, but still not as cute as I had seen online. I finally figured out that the best way to do them was paint directly on the back of the fish tank jewel. Its not the easiest thing to do since you have to write any words backwards on the jewel, but it worked the best. Once you paint on the design or words you let them dry. Then paint a background color over the whole design. Once that dries you glue the jewel to the magnet and voila! Now I have a cute collection of these button magnets all over my fridge & I love them!

** For this one I did the white dots and lines first. Then I painted blue over the whole corner with the dots and red over the white strips to fill in the empty spaces. I took the picture before it dried completely, thats why the white is a little dark in spots.

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