Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I miss about NY

I love living in North Carolina, don't get me wrong... but I come home and find so many things that I miss about Upstate, New York. Here is my ongoing list that I may or may not update along my stay here.

Things I have missed about NY:
1. Obviously my family & friends in NY
2. The rodeo... I love everything about it, and we dont have a good one near Ft Bragg. It frustrates me to no end, especially since it's something that Steven and I both LOVE.
3. NY pizza... My parents dont live near NYC, but the pizza is pretty much the same... that greasy thin crust deliciousness that you can't find anywhere else. Near Ft Bragg it's hard to find a pizza that is not from a chain. Pizza Hut, Marcos, Papa Johns, Dominos... that is NOT pizza.
4. Not being stuck in traffic forever. With the way Bragg is growing, I do not want to think about what the traffic will become. Especially since within the coming months all of first and fourth brigade will be back from deployment. Say hello to a couple thousand more drivers on the road.
5. Sushi-I know I can get it in NC, but it is so much better here
6. Being able to steal fresh veggies from my parents garden

Things I have NOT missed about NY:
1. Gas prices... They're like 50 cents more a gallon. Ridiculous!
2. My bed... I love everything about memory foam :D
3. My parents live on 5 acres of "family land" (there are 100 acres total in the fam) and the cell phone reception SUCKS out here.
4. A lot of my friends have moved away as well, so being here reminds me of all of the good times we had & makes me miss them a whole lot
5. There are a ridiculous amount of non-showering, dirty hippies in Saratoga... and they creep me out. lol
6. My parents do not have central air... my dad drew up the blue-prints for this house 25 years ago, and built it himself. Back before summers in NY EVER got this hot. I remember not breaking 90 until late July/early August... I guess it's more signs that global warming is actually a valid concern :(

That is all I can think of for now... I leave you with a picture of the amazing pizza I had for dinner... worth EVERY calorie, but I was good and only had one slice ;)



  1. mmmm! looks yummy! I've never been to Ny but always wanted to go. Maybe I'll have a chance during the next three years since I'm moving to VA next week. I'm sorry you're feeling homesick, and I hope you feel better soon! Chin up dear!! :)

  2. Thanks :D NY is awesome. It's definitely some place you should visit someday. Have you been to Virginia before? I love it there... there is so much to do, and lots of history to it :)