Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VH1's Dad Camp

I'm a sucker for reality tv... anything about love & couples, home make-overs, cooking shows... As long as they're not about annoying/unintelligent people, then they get me every time.

The ones I'm stuck on right now are Dance Your *ss Off on Oxygen & Dad Camp on VH1. I love watching the dancing on DYAO & I love seeing how happy these people are when they meet their weight loss goals & Dad Camp makes me cry almost every episode. If you havent watched it, its about a group of young-ish soon-to-be-parents. When the show started, the fathers were for the most part very immature, and not accepting of the fact that they would soon have a baby to take care of. They have been put through daddy boot camp to get them ready for their new additions. At first they were very resentful, but now the dads are doing such sweet things for the mommies, and showing that they are going to do well by their children. I love when the daddies get excited about learning something new.

Its not helping my "baby fever," but that's fine. I know I'm not ready to be a mom for at least another year or two... I'm up for tenure after this year, so that's something I'm really excited about working towards. When I do decide to be a mommy I want to take off the first year or two of my babies life before I go back to work. Right now I'm not ready to give up teaching. In NC it takes 5 years to get vested into the retirement program, so I figure in another 2 years when that happens, then I will be ready to take some time off.

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