Sunday, August 15, 2010

This woman is INSANE

I'm sorry ya'll have had to listen to me complain about my MIL, but I can't help but share what came in the mail with all of my bloggy friends (A quick hello to my new follower :D I'm up to 23!!)


It's all crumpled because the hubs balled it up & hid it in the garbage. He was livid, and he didnt want me to cry if I read it... PLEASE! She is NOT worth my tears. I dont give two sh*ts what this lady thinks of me.

"Just do me a favor before you decide to have kids, make sure the one you have now grows up."
This line irked the heck out of me... But honestly, I was pissed for all of 30 seconds, and then I had to laugh about it. I'm the one who acts like a 6 year old?! She writes a letter like this & expect him to say "Okay mom, I'll wait to have children with my wife because you don't think she's grown up enough." Not that I even want to have kids for 2 more years, but still, I dont need someone telling me when we should have kids, nor do I need anyone's okay before we make the decision.

I was NOT mean to her while she was here. I held my tongue when I should have told her off. I let her tell me that we should wait to have kids (something she tells me every chance she gets) "until we're sure this marriage will work" and didnt tell her where to shove it. I played hostess to her for 5 days before the hubs came home, and I shared his first weekend home after a YEAR in Iraq with her without telling her to get the eff out of our house... and for what? For her to go home and write this sneaky little note to him? Did she think I wasnt going to see it?

It's not my fault she has a terrible relationship with her son. Maybe if she didnt act like such a loon, then maybe they would be closer, but after this letter he told her to piss off, and lose our numbers. Good ridden! The people that matter most, his grandparents, are 100% on our sides in this one, and told her she's nutso too.

And yes b*tch, I would like some CHEESE with my wine! Bring on the Mascato please :P


  1. That letter made me so mad! I cant believe she said those things, and had the nerve to send it in a letter! She should just quiet down because you are his WIFE! And you are obviously no child, because you handled this well! Good luck with the monster in law!

  2. Wow, she is crazy! I can't believe someone would ever say that and that fact that she's your MIL makes it so much worse! I'm glad your husband is 100% on your side! (But I'm sorry that either of you have to be dealing with a woman like this!)

    O, and I may be that new follower so hi! I just found your blog and love it!! :) And I'm a teacher too (although at the moment working as a special ed teachers aide because there are about 0 jobs in my area-not ideal, but I'm working with kids and have a job so can't complain too much!) Good luck with this coming school year, I can't wait to read about it!

  3. Wow! I can't believe she had the nerve to send that letter! Who does that? Wow!