Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Don't worry, we moved it for you a-hole"

Another entertaining weekend to say the least. Friday night my darling hubster had CQ so he couldn't do anything fun. I went to dinner with another teacher I work with at our new favorite Mexican restaurant named Salsa's & Beer (best name everrrr) where we were served free corona's b/c that night was their official grand-opening. Afterwards, I brought the hubster some dinner at the staff duty desk and hung out there with him for a little before coming home heading to bed.

Saturday, he decided not to take a nap & spent the morning putting a suspension lift on his friend's truck with him. I went out & did a little shopping while the boys were getting greasy. I got some super cute Halloween decorations. I love Halloween, and I really hope he is back from Airborne School by then. I also got a few pairs of Seven jeans that fit perfectly, since I needed new jeans.

When I got back, we all headed out to the Mule Day festival. Yes, MULES! he he. It definitely made me laugh to know there is a whole festival devoted to them. We went to the rodeo, which made me happy. It was an actual professional circuit rodeo, not like the open-bullriding at Shady Acres. We didnt stay til the end b/c none of us had eaten, and we wanted to beat the traffic. All six of us hoped in the hubby's truck & went to leave, only to find out that some douche bag in a little tiny honda civic had blocked the path. My hubs went to the announcers booth to try & get the owner to move it, but no one came. At that point there were cars lined up behind us getting angry that none of us could leave. So, my hubby being the rebel that he is hooked up a tow strap to the civic with the coaxing of the dude in the truck behind us, and dragged it out of the way with his truck. The whole time I was saying "someone's getting arrested" but thankfully no cops showed up.

Here is the civic with a nice little message letting them know what inconsiderate jerks they are. Maybe next time they will park somewhere that isnt blocking 50 other cars in.

We then proceeded to be stuck in traffic FOREVER because the rodeo finished up as we were waiting for the owners of the civic so didnt make it home until midnight. We fired up the grill & the drinking began. The couple across the street came over and we all had a blast playing beer pong and laughing all night. I finally snuck into bed around 4am, and everyone else went to bed shortly after that. Now I'm the only one awake. I've been up since 9:30, and now it's almost noon. Hopefully someone else wakes up soon b/c I'm bored. lol. Maybe I'll grade some papers and try and be productive while it's still quiet.


  1. OMg can i just tell you that is to funny that yall moved that car haha that made my night..

  2. Haha! I'm glad no one ended up getting arrested! I love Seven jeans! I always try to get them when they're on sale though, they're expensive!