Friday, September 10, 2010

A hopeful comeback

I am sorry to those of you who had started to follow me just as I decided to fall off the face of the earth. With the hubster being back from a year's deployment, and myself going back to work full time, I have been a pretty busy bee. I am making a promise to myself to make a full-fledge comeback to the blogging world now that I have some free time to actually sit down and breathe.

I'm not sure how it has been for my fellow bloggies who have had their husbands return from deployment, but mine has been attached at my hip. I love him to death, don't get me wrong, but after a year of being 100% independent, I'm finding it very hard having him constantly around. He is on leave right now, so when I come home after a long day of teaching, he doesnt understand why I want to sit down and do nothing, and not go off on adventures/do something with him. Plus he's a super caring guy who does ANYTHING & EVERYTHING I could ask him to do, so he'll try to help around the kitchen, clean, do laundry, etc, and as much as I appreciate the help, I'm having a hard time giving up the controls and letting him do they jobs that have been mine for so long. It's been a transition to say the least.

Two weeks ago (my first weekend of being back to work) at this time, I was jetting off to Michigan to meet his grandparents (aka his surrogate parents for all intensive purposes) for the first time and his aunt & uncle. I had a great time, but it was definitely not enough time. I would have loved to stay and visit longer. Hopefully we will be able to split the holidays between my family & his.

Last weekend (labor day) we were off on another adventure. This time we went to NY to see my family so that my parents could throw us a wedding reception since we got married here in NC. My parents went above and beyond for what was supposed to be a backyard bbq. I really do have amazing parents. I will post some pictures soon. Right now my battery is charging on my camera. My darling husband got me the new lens I have been wanting for my camera for my birthday (which is tuesday, but he was too excited to keep it a secret that long) so I spent the last two days killing the battery w/my new toy.

This weekend our only plans are to take the boat out on the lake & do some fishing (and by that I mean sitting in the boat taking pictures while he fishes with all his different poles) and try out my new pink fishing pole (I do like pink things!) Then I will probably spend all day Sunday working on lesson plans since I have yet to write one for this year. I know, I know, I'm being bad, but honestly, if I have all of my materials ready, and I have notes jotted down about what I'm going to do, why do I need to waste all this time typing it out into a fancy little template? It seems like a big pain in the tush to me, but I guess I have to now since they are coming around and checking them on Monday. Poop!

This year has been a great year so far. We were told before school started that our classes were looking to be about 28-29 students each. Our opening year was last year, and we started the year at 32 students each. After the first 10 days of school, when they had an official head count, we were able to get some teachers from other schools who had less enrollment. This however didnt happen instantly b/c we had to wait for relocatable "pods" to be brought on campus so that they would have classrooms since all of ours were full. So after 6-8 weeks we were finally able to each choose 4 students to move into the new class. I pretty much sat at 28 for the rest of the year. That being said, 28 again didnt really raise too many eyebrows.

Thankfully, they capped our school & would not allow any more students to enroll for the remainder of the year. For those of you who know anything about Ft Bragg, you know that this is the largest population of army troops in the country. Being just North of Bragg, we are a VERY transient school, and it's not unusual for us to have only 1/2 of our original students in our class at the end of the year, and to have the other replaced with newly PCS'd faces. Being capped meant that we would only lose students, and wouldnt be getting any new ones to replace them, which sounded great.

Then, to make it even better, our superintendent made an appearance at our back-to-school luncheon to let us know that our school had qualified for 500K worth of federal funding, of which he was going to be allocating 4 new teaching positions to our school (which later changed to 5)!! So we now have new K, 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade teachers. That brought my list down to 22 students. FOUR of them were no-shows, which means my class size is EIGHTEEN!! YES, I said 18!! That is 10 less students than I had last year, and let me tell you, it is AMAZING. I can get so much more done in one day. Plus, all of my students are really well behaved (although sometimes a tiny bit chatty) so that has added to my amazing year.

Hopefully this year continues to go just as smoothly as it has gone thus far. I'll be back soon to blog more, and post some wonderful photos. I should be getting to bed since my hubby is probably wondering where I have disappeared to ;)


  1. My husband has been home for about three weeks now and you're absolutely right when you say its an adjustment. He was gone almost a year as well and I have my routines down and like to do things my way! lol But were both getting used to him being home, and things are starting to go smoother. :) I hope that goes for you guys as well and I'm glad to hear things at your work are going so well! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love hearing about new readers, and I'm glad you introduced yourself!:)

    It sounds like I do have someone interested in buying my Canon XSi, so I'm really looking into purchasing the Canon T1i. I'm so excited about the HD video!

    Also, my husband just returned from a year long deployment two months ago, and the first month was SO HARD. My six month old son and I had our routine down, and really I just like my space. So when Michael came home, it was tough. He was always there, and we had no sort of routine at all {because of block leave}. The good news is, he goes back to work, and you both adjust again... just like you adjust to being apart. {Gotta love the military roller coaster.} It will get better:)