Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pretty Pretty Ponies

I just got home from spending a few hours out in Red Springs with my horses. I love those two to pieces. The hubby's friend comes with me every Sunday to help me out with them in case he's not home so I am not out there with them alone. Horses are pretty, but they can be a handful, and being with them alone is not something I want to do. Austin took the harness off Illusion to switch it out to the new one we got her because the old one had stretched out to the point where she could take it off. Well, she took that as her cue to take off running as far & as fast as she could. It was hysterical. She kept coming over to me to hid her head, and as soon as he got near her with the harness, she booked it. I love to watch her run. She may be 21, but she sure has a lot of life left in her. Then the paint would get in between Illusion and Austin so the he couldnt get near her. They're such brats!

I was so excited to see how much weight Illusion has put on. When we got her, her ribs were so much more pronounced, and her hip bones jutted out really far. She is putting on weight fast, which makes me super happy. I'm really glad that we could give them a good home away from the rescue. I already am so in love with those 2 it's not even funny. Every time they come up & rub their big heads on me, I melt.

We brought out hay & treats, which made for some very happy horsies!

Circling the truck looking b/c they smell all the yummies in the bed

Trotting away from Austin & the harness

Nummy Hay

I love this one!

Austin chasing Illusion :)

Getting fatter! Yay!!

Here is Illusion when we first got her... see the difference?!?!
Look at how much her ribs, hips, and shoulders jutted out! Poor baby!! :(

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bloggy Love & A Weekend Update

First, I want to say hello to my 3 new followers... Every time my number goes up even just 1 I get excited. It makes me feel less like I am talking to myself. lol. Thankfully I get enough comments to know that I am no just rambling into cyberspace. I'd like to remind some of you to change your options so that I can reply to your comments via email. That way I know you are getting my responses, so I don't feel rude for not showing love back :)

As I've said before, I like to read blogs from start to finish. I feel cheated if I jump in in the middle of your blogs b/c I don't always know what's going on since you've explained things in previous blogs... so I go to your very first post, and start reading towards your most recent. I am slowly but surely reading all of the blogs I am following, although I keep finding more great blogs all the time, so I don't know if I will ever catch up, but it sure is fun trying! Anywho, here are my most recent accomplishments.

Katie's blog is the one I have just finished reading. I love hers because she works with kiddos like me, and I am pretty sure we are at the same Army post :)

Hop on over & tell Delainey congrats, she's newly engaged her marine :)

Breanne has the cutest kiddos, and is a fellow Army SO, so of course I love reading her blog!
Love love love the photographs on this blog. She's a fellow canon lover like me, and she's got the cutest little boy! I wish I had more time to get my canon out :(
One of my favorites to read!! Plus, Jennifer is awesome about commenting on your blogs. I love getting bloggy love from her :)

On to business... This week has flown by! Goodbye October, hello November! Steven will be home next friday (fingers crossed) if the weather holds out & they get their 5 jumps in. His grandparents will be here sometime this week, and they are staying until Tuesday(ish). I am super excited b/c his grandparents are a riot, and I love their company. Plus, with him being gone, my nights have been pretty lonely, and it will be great to be able to talk to someone besides my dogs when I get home from work. lol.

I think I'm going to take this weekend to be lazzzzy! Well, at least today. I've been pretty goo about keeping up on the cleaning during the week, so I really don't need to spend my whole day doing house work, and it is FINALLY chilly! During the week it was nearly 90 degrees here, but today I have the windows open and my toes are freezing! I really hope this chilly weather sticks around this time & I can start breaking out the extra blankets. Right now I am cozied up underneath one listening to CMT & I am loving it.

I do have a few things I have to do this weekend though, but all of them are fun!! I am (hopefully) finally meeting up with my lovely friend Crystal to get my picture CD from her. She took some oh-so-amazing photos of me & the hubster. I can not wait to go and get some printed to hang up in our bedroom. That is the one room in our house that is definitely not finished being decorated. All of my other rooms have a theme, but when I got to that room I was burnt out.

I am also supposed to be going to another haunted house with some of the friends from my old school. As I said in my last post, I looooove haunted houses! Plus, I will get to see some of my friends from the school I used to work at. Although I would never want to leave my new school, I still miss some of the teachers from my old one.

And last, but certainly not least, is my horsie day. lol. Sunday has become my day to go out and visit the horses. The awesome guy we have them boarded with doesnt work Sundays, so I can chit-chat with him about how they've been, and visit with my newest loves. He told me I could come over whenever, even if he wasnt around, but I like to get my weekly updates. I could not ask for a better person to be boarding our horses with. He charges us next to nothing (and horses are A LOT of work) and he takes really good care of them. Plus, he has 2 horses in the same pasture, so they have more horsie friends to keep them company.

Alright bloggie friends, I am itching to read more of your blogs, so I will leave you with some pictures of all 5 of my furbabes, and a few of the pictures my friend Crystal took that I am dying to get from her :)




My pretty paint with her two new buddies

Illusion getting her hair brushed... She's already putting weight on :)

Enjoying the fact that daddy is gone & taking over his side of the bed!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Friday was an optional teacher workday, so I took it off and hopped in the car with one of my favorite colleagues, her husband, her two sons, and one of their friends. We headed north on I-95 towards Virginia and The Great Wolf Lodge. I'm sure if any of you live near a Great Wolf Lodge you will have seen/heard the commercials a million times. While it's totally outrageously priced for a hotel you, it is still a blast. For $300 a night, you get lodging for your family, and water park admission for the day you check in, and the entire day you check out. There are arcades, restaurants, magic quest games, and teen rooms. There is plenty to do to get your money's worth. And, if you're a return customer, like my coworker, you can book rooms for $200 a night. It may seem like a lot for one night in a hotel, but when you think of all you get out of it, its not too terrible.

The reason for our journey to the great state to the North of us was to attend Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens. Since we have year passes (ps they offer a military discount if any of you live near one) we didnt have to pay to get into the park. You can ride almost all of the rides that that offer during the season, and you get the added bonus of all of the Halloween attractions. I love, love, love halloween, and it's safe to say it's my favorite holiday. Although I get scared easily, I LOVE to get scared. I grabbed my friends are and trudged bravely into all of the haunted houses. I won't lie, I screamed (a lot) and cursed (a little too much) but I laughed my butt off. The people that work the attractions are not allowed to touch you, but they will come right up next to you, and pop out of no-where to scare you. By the end of the night I started to get better at spotting them, but with the fog & strobe lights it was hard to spot all of their hiding spots, so I couldnt anticipate them all. Either way, I loved screaming my head off at them :)

It was such a blast. My friend and her family go every year, and I think this might have to be my new family tradition, because it was way too much fun! Steven was supposed to be able to go with us, but with his airborne dates changing a million times, he will miss all of the halloween fun. He's already been warned that he better be home all of the fall festivities!!

I will leave you with my favorite quotes of the weekend from my lovely friend Kim:

To the vampire' in bitten: "You don't want my blood. I'm anemic. It's no good!"
The the Werewolves in hunted: "Nice puppy!"

Both of these were uttered in a hurry as we breezed past people on our way to the exit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's not goodbye, it's I'll see you soon.... Again :(

For all of my milspouse readers, you know all to well about the comings and goings of military life. I mentioned in earlier posts that the hubster was supposed to head out to Airborne School just days after returning from a year long deployment in the sandbox. Thankfully, paperwork wasn't done on time, and he didn't have to leave me again so soon.

Unfortunately, the time has come and he was off to Jump School bright and early this morning. I hate that he has to leave me for 3 weeks, but this is something he's been dying to do for a long time. The thing is, he belongs to an airborne field artillery unit, yet thus far, he hasn't been airborne. Not being airborne normally didn't hinder your military career too much in previous years with this unit, however, the new top dog is doing what he can to move all non-airborne personnel out of the unit. Which wouldn't be a big deal, because there are other field artillery units at Bragg, so we wouldnt have to PCS... BUT, they will not, under any circumstances, send him to the promotion board until he is airborne. He is in his primary zone & he's been highly recommended by his CO's, so this is the only thing holding him back. Grrrrr...

And right now, the extra $150/month for being airborne, and the possibility of promotion soon sounds amazing!! We DID end up getting a horse... actually, we ended up getting TWO HORSES :D We got them from the rescue, so that makes it even better, because now they will have a real home again... soon... hopefully :/

We found a listing on Craig's List for 10 acres of land for $17,500... which is a great deal in this area. We emailed the woman that day, and got the ball rolling on seeing the property. We didn't even really care what it looked like, as long as it wasn't swampland. Thankfully, it's not, so we put in an offer with a 20% down payment and $400 a month payments for the remainder of the purchase price. Unfortunately, she had 2 other people that would be seeing the property a few days later. We were on pins and needles for the next few days waiting to hear back from her...

Yesterday, she emailed me and let me know that the people who had viewed it this week had both said they would get back to her, so therefore she was going to accept our offer!! She's drafting up some paperwork this week for us to sign, and we will be working out the details by the end of this week.

As soon as the hubs gets back from Airborne School we are going to get to work on clearing a few acres so that we can get it fenced in and move the horses from his friends house (where they are sharing a pasture with some ornery cattle) to their very own pasture where they can run free and not have to share their hay and feed. I'm so incredibly excited to get the ball rolling on this. I love that we are in our mid-20's and will soon own a house AND another property (less than 5 miles from the house), 2 vehicles, a boat, 3 dogs, and now 2 horses. We're doing so well with managing our finances and proving what capable adults we are, not asking for any help. It makes me swell with pride.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Every little girl wants a pony...

When I was growing up I was obsessed with horses. My parents never had to ask me what I wanted for Christmas, or for my birthday. It was always horse toys, or a trip out to the horseback riding trails. I begged and pleaded for a horse of my own for years. My dad owns quite a bit of land, so it wasn't a completely far fetched idea, but I never got the horse I wanted so badly it hurt...

Fast forward ten years or so and now I'm married with my own home. Unfortunately, my home is in a subdivision with only 1/2 an acre. No ponies allowed :( However, my amazing husband wants a horse as much as I do, so now we're looking into boarding a horse at a farm not too far from us. Eventually we'd like to invest into a few acres of farm land so we can have a few horses.

If this actually works out, I'll be the happiest girl in the world!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

BLT's... yum!

Healthy Choice BLT's with a side of "spaghetti"

Healthy substitutions:
Whole wheat bread instead of white bread
Romaine lettuce or spinach instead of iceberg lettuce
*Iceberg lettuce pretty much has no nutritional value-it's all water & no healthy vitamins!
Light Mayo
Low sodium or turkey bacon instead of regular bacon

On the side is SPAGHETTI SQUASH!! :) I love spaghetti squash, but I figured it was going to be a hard sell to get my hubby to eat it, since it's a vegetable & all. Thankfully, he LOVES it! It's a really easy side dish to make too. All I do it cut the squash in half & scoop out the little bit of seeds in the very center. Then, I place it face down on a glass plate with a little bit of water on it. 10 minutes in the microwave & it's cooked.

Once it's cooled down a little bit, take a spoon and scoop out the rest of the squash. Now that it's cooked it will come out in little strings that look like spaghetti noodles. I spray it with some "I can't believe it's not butter" spray, and sprinkle a little reduced fat parmesan cheese on top. It's DELISH!