Saturday, October 23, 2010


Friday was an optional teacher workday, so I took it off and hopped in the car with one of my favorite colleagues, her husband, her two sons, and one of their friends. We headed north on I-95 towards Virginia and The Great Wolf Lodge. I'm sure if any of you live near a Great Wolf Lodge you will have seen/heard the commercials a million times. While it's totally outrageously priced for a hotel you, it is still a blast. For $300 a night, you get lodging for your family, and water park admission for the day you check in, and the entire day you check out. There are arcades, restaurants, magic quest games, and teen rooms. There is plenty to do to get your money's worth. And, if you're a return customer, like my coworker, you can book rooms for $200 a night. It may seem like a lot for one night in a hotel, but when you think of all you get out of it, its not too terrible.

The reason for our journey to the great state to the North of us was to attend Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens. Since we have year passes (ps they offer a military discount if any of you live near one) we didnt have to pay to get into the park. You can ride almost all of the rides that that offer during the season, and you get the added bonus of all of the Halloween attractions. I love, love, love halloween, and it's safe to say it's my favorite holiday. Although I get scared easily, I LOVE to get scared. I grabbed my friends are and trudged bravely into all of the haunted houses. I won't lie, I screamed (a lot) and cursed (a little too much) but I laughed my butt off. The people that work the attractions are not allowed to touch you, but they will come right up next to you, and pop out of no-where to scare you. By the end of the night I started to get better at spotting them, but with the fog & strobe lights it was hard to spot all of their hiding spots, so I couldnt anticipate them all. Either way, I loved screaming my head off at them :)

It was such a blast. My friend and her family go every year, and I think this might have to be my new family tradition, because it was way too much fun! Steven was supposed to be able to go with us, but with his airborne dates changing a million times, he will miss all of the halloween fun. He's already been warned that he better be home all of the fall festivities!!

I will leave you with my favorite quotes of the weekend from my lovely friend Kim:

To the vampire' in bitten: "You don't want my blood. I'm anemic. It's no good!"
The the Werewolves in hunted: "Nice puppy!"

Both of these were uttered in a hurry as we breezed past people on our way to the exit.


  1. It sounds like it was a fun time! I'll have to remember this next year!

  2. thanks for following!

    im in school to be a teacher! how do you like it?

  3. You really should!! It was a blast!!

    I love love love teaching, I just wish there wasnt so much paperwork that went along with it. I feel like every year it gets a little worse, when it should be getting easier. I dont understand why I have to write the same information on 57209348 different forms. Why can't I just photocopy them?! lol
    But honestly it is really rewarding and I have a wonderful class this year, so I am loving it right now :)