Thursday, November 18, 2010

I think it's time for this week to be over!

My kids are wild! You can tell that a vacation is coming soon because they can't sit still, or seem to remember that what any of the class rules are! lol. This time of year seems to breeze by. Before you know it, it'll be January & we'll be halfway done with this year :)

Today I drove home with my mind reeling. I don't even remember the drive home because I was so busing thinking about all the things I have to accomplish coming up, and with the possibility of the hubs being gone again, it makes me even more worried about getting everything done. I'm thankful that my subconscious got me & my car home in one piece, but it can't be even remotely safe to drive like that! Has anyone ever had that happen? When you're thinking while you're driving and you don't remember half the drive that got you there?

To add to the brain-blip while driving, I get home & spent a good minute and a half trying to open the door to my house with my car keyless entry. I could not fathom for the life of me why my door wouldn't open. 

I think my brain needs a serious rest!


  1. hi! Just started following...I work nights so I always zone out on the drive home. It's scary to realize you are home in one piece! I feel ya!

  2. Yay! I'm now following you as well!

    You should change your settings so that people can email you back directly! I tried to reply to your comment, but you've got it set to the dreaded no-reply@blogspot email :( Check out my "Let's Talk" blog to find out how to do that :D

  3. I could have sworn I fixed it but apparently not! I'll give it a shot.