Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Mother Nature... get your act together!

So, mother nature and I are NOT friends right now...

Grievance #1: I have a terrible sinus headache & am full of snot because the weather keeps changing. I just blogged how I was excited it was finally cold... then it was warm... then cold... all this temper changing is making me super sick. I'm tired, cranky, and very sniffly :(

Grievance #2: Last week the hubs' unit at Airborne School got done with all of their stuff early, so they would be already to jump Monday morning. They were going to double-jump them, and he would be home early afternoon on Thursday... Well, Mother Nature hit the Southeast pretty good with some storms last week, and Monday morning they get ready to jump, only to find out that all of the planes are gone because the storms had backed up the other groups.

For those of you who don't know about Airborne School, here's how it works: The class is 3 weeks. The first 2 weeks is on the ground (jumping out of towers & such to practice) and the last week they jump out of planes (5 times). Each week they start a new class of soldiers, so they are constantly rotating groups through. Since the group that is 1 week before his didnt finish their 5 jumps on time, they were pushed back into this week (since they dont jump on weekends) and that in turn pushes EVERY class behind them back unless both classes can get their 5 jumps in this week. The crappy thing is, we're at Ft Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne, so he could easily get his 5 jumps in back here over the next few weeks, but they dont allow that... Grrrrrrrrrrrr! If he doesnt get home on Friday, then he wont be able to see his grandparents before they have to head back to Michigan, and that is going to make him one grumpy soldier... and me one grumpy lady! I just did a year deployment, and I'm soooo over having to miss him. lol.

On another note: I was totally bad today & didnt vote. I know I still could, but I didnt get home until after 5, and by then I was so tired I couldnt move off the couch until a few minutes ago when I finally got up to get my laptop. Plus, I HATE to vote when I havent researched who is running for particular things. I think it is so irresponsible to vote for whoever strikes your fancy at the time, or however else, without researching the people. When I registered to vote upon turning 18, I registered Democrat, because my parents are Democrats, I come from a "blue" state, and I was too naive to make a decision on my own. Over the years I've found that I am NOT a totally Liberal Democrat, and sometimes I tend to agree with Republicans on certain subjects. In fact, I've found that I'm SLIGHTLY more prone to side with Republicans than I am with Democrats. Either way, I'm pretty much middle of the road as far as Liberal & Conservative goes, and that makes it hard for me to vote. I don't want to vote all Liberal, or all Conservative, because I really don't think I am either one of these things. This is why I like to look up who is running, and decide who I like based on their position on things. Since I didnt have a chance to do that this year, I didnt want to just go and vote for whoever (although I will admit that I did do that ONE time... the ladies name was Cherri Berry, I mean, with a name like that, how could I NOT vote for her?!?! lol)

Did anyone else vote?

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