Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm having PIE...

...FOR BREAKFAST! he he. We had two of the hubster's unmarried friends over for Thanksgiving, and there are only 2 pieces left, so I figured I better snag one before the hungry boys do! They had to go into work today, and they are beyond annoyed. I guess someone from their btry got a DWI last night, so now they all have to attend classes today. Sucks for them, but that means pie & a bath for me with no boys around on this rainy friday :D

Pie-in my belly
Bath-As soon as I update this...
Blogs finished:
Kelsey Lauren usaf

I was almost done reading all of Kelsey's blog so I had to put my bath on hold. Check her out, she's a super cool Canadian :) (Remind me to tell ya'll one day about how my great-grandparents were illegal immigrants from Canada. bah ha ha ha!) Okay, puppies are all passed out, it's bath time :)


  1. yay!! so happy you're reading my blog! haha i think every time i go to the states they are scared i'm going to run off and get married quickly and never leave. yum, i love pie!

  2. Pie for breakfast sounds so good :-)