Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today is going to be a good day :)

Good Morning (almost afternoon depending on your time zone) Bloggy Friends!

I have a feeling today is going to be a great day :)

1. Because Brea @ Utterly Chaotic is working on my new and improved blog layout today!

2. Hubby will be home TODAY! (Suck it mother nature! You tried to swamp GA with storms, but I win, you lose!)

3. I am going to be going to a jewelry party today hosted by one of my fellow 5th grade teachers, and she is an amazing cook, so I am excited about all her yummy treats... To the point where I'm almost salivating as I think of the things she made for last time. (Maybe I should have eaten breakfast, but I know I'll eat a lot there, and I want to save all of my calories for her cheesy potatoes!)

4. Did I mention that my hubby will be home?!?! (Obnoxious, I know!)

5. I've already gotten my lesson plans done, so I don't have anything I HAVE to so today!

6. I finished another great blog today :)

(Your button wasnt cooperating. lol)
She's a Yankee (like me!) who decided she wanted to be a Southern Belle (like me!) so she found a teaching job after college below the Mason-Dixon line (like me!). There she met her Army Hubby at a bar (like me!) and now they're spending there first year apart (like me!)... are you seeing a trend here?! LOL.


  1. oh my gosh...we are so the same! haha!!!

  2. Yay! Glad you're getting him back today!

  3. Ok, trippy - my name is Erin, I met my husband in a bar, and I'm a teacher who just left Fort Bragg with my soldier husband. I taught up in Spring Lake, at OMS, last year! We're out at Carson now. Following you!

  4. That's crazy, but in a totally awesome way! I wish we could have been bloggy friends earlier too. It's so hard to find cool friends when people are always coming and going :(