Friday, December 31, 2010

I hate people!

I seriously DESPISE people that dont take care of their pets. Whether it's a pet that they let roam free on a busy road, a pet they dont spay/neuter that has litter after littler, or a pet that they abandon on the side of the road.

Last night when we were coming home from dinner I almost ran over two puppies. Thankfully I'm used to scanning the road for deer at night, so I'm super observant when it comes to watching the sides of the road. I tried to pick them up, but my father told me that they probably had rabies, and urged me not to do it. At the risk of injuring myself (with rabies) or my 3 dogs if they happened to be sick with something, I left the puppies. My mom made me feel better by saying at least they had each other.

Today I saw one lying on the side of the road. I sobbed the whole way home & cursed my dad for not letting me save it's life last night. And I'm sobbing again as I right this post. They don't have each other anymore...

And that is why today (and every time I see a pet on the side of the road/abandoned in a shelter) I absolutely hate people who don't take care of their pets!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New blogger!

I promise I will be back with a proper update once my parents leave on Friday morning, but until then I want to ask my lovely ladies to show some bloggy love to a new blogger. She is a new follower of mine, who is just getting started and she only has 3 followers! I remember back in the summer when that was me, and I would get sooooooo excited when I would get another lovely follower.... So show her some love ladies, and give her a few more. I know I have some awesome ladies reading this blog, so prove it :) lol

You can find her blog here if the button doesnt work :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Ya'll!!

Wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and a happy holiday season :)

We did our Christmas yesterday since the hubster lucked out with 24hr staff duty starting at 9am this morning. However unlucky that was, I considered myself pretty lucky when I was awoken with a kiss by the hubster in his Class A's... YUM!! They're making them wear them for the first few hrs today to make them look all spiffy. I was definitely pleasantly surprised by that this morning :)

Christmas was pretty low key for us this year. In 2010 we've purchased:
-A house
-A Toyota Tundra
-1 dog (making 3)
-2 horses
-10 acres of land

Needless to say, we didnt want to go crazy with presents, since we've gotten so much together this year. Thankfully, my car will be almost paid off my next Christmas, and our 10 acres of property will be paid off by the following Christmas.

I got the hubster a tool box for his truck since he's been wanting one to keep his Army gear in, camo seat covers, and bunch of other fun little things. He got me a gorgeous horse shoe necklace from Kays (I will post a pic later) another pretty black and white sapphire necklace, and some other goodies. All in all, I think it was a great first Christmas together :)

We enjoyed a yummy dinner together, and I sent him to work with all of the leftovers.

Brown sugar glazed ham, mashed cauliflower & green bean casserole

Now, onto business. For those of you who are visiting family this holiday season, and may have forgotten to get someone a gift, I have a SUPER easy fudge recipe for you that is ready in about an hour. Stop by Walmart (since it never closes) and pick up the following. An 11.5oz bag of Choc. Chips,  bakers chocolate, vanilla, and a can of sweetened, condensed milk. Thats it!!

In a saucepan, melt the chocolate chips & 1 square of bakers chocolate on medium heat.
When choc. is melted, stir in the can of condensed milk and 1 tsp of vanilla.
Pour into a baking dish (I foil-lined mine & sprayed with pam for easy clean up)
Stick in the fridge for about an hour
Enjoy :)

Thats it! So easy, and turns out delish! I made 4 batches (2 with heath toffee, one regular, and one with peanut butter/chocolate chips. I have 2 amazing friends who have invited me to dinner today so I wasnt all alone, so I wanted something yummy to share with them.

Sprinkled with toffee chips

PS. My parents arrive tomorrow :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Major Update... And Photo Overload

I will start by saying that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth. Thursday the hubs finished up his second school in the past 3 months, and came home. We ended up with a snow day, so he joined me at work for lunch. Friday the kiddos had a half day, and we got to leave right after they got on the buses, instead of staying until 3 like we normally do. The hubs treated me to a dinner & movie night. We spent the rest of the weekend pretty much sick in bed. He brought home some sort of icky sickness from being in the field w/below zero temperatures.

Friday was also the last day of one of my all time favorite kiddos (I know I'm not supposed to pick favorites, but let me explain) She is one kid that comes in to school every day happy, and ready to learn. She's polite, and a total individual. I love that about her. She might look like she is wearing the craziest outfits, but if you look closely, they all have plaid or flowers and all of a sudden the outfit makes sense. She marches to her own beat, and I think she's a very cool little girl. Every day at lunch she would make this big production about reading the notes her mom would send on her napkin each day, and I would always make a big deal out of it as well. In my Christmas present she had written me a weeks worth of notes in a hand painted box (among other awesome homemade gifts). I about broke down in tears right there. It was so sweet and sincere. I will really miss her!


Monday we were supposed to be off from school, but they school board decided to use that as the make-up day for the snow day we had. I guessed I'd have maybe 10-12 of my 16 students at most since most of them are Army families, and would be traveling to see family. Plus, they also voted to make it only a half day. I ended up with 6 kids who actually showed up... one if which left after about 2 hours, leaving me with 5 students. Thankfully, me and 2 of my BFF's at school had decided to pool our classrooms to watch Christmas movies, make ornaments, eat leftover Christmas party food, and play pin the nose on Frosty. It was nice for my 6 kiddos to be able to hang out with the other classes and not feel so lonely.

This week has been spent cleaning & getting the house ready for Christmas, taking the pups to the vet, and finishing up my Christmas shopping. I finally have everything ready. This year we are having to do Christmas tomorrow, instead of actually on Christmas day because the hubs has duty all day on the 25th. We were just planning on having dinner and opening presents, so I guess it's not really a big deal to do it a day earlier... but I am still bummed that I will be spending Christmas day all alone. Thankfully my parents will be coming on the 26th for 5 days, so I will have that to look forward to :)

And now, as promised... a picture over load :) I've mentioned a few times that I like to think of myself as pretty artistic. I've worked with a whole lot of mediums including ink, clay, charcoal, photos, colored pencils, etc. While cleaning I came across my portfolio from my senior year of high school, and I thought  I would share some pictures with my lovely followers. The pictures of the art aren't the best, but I was trying to get them taken quickly so that I could get back to getting my house together before my parents arrive... without further ado... some of my ART :)


Ink tree & colored pencil background

Ink umbrella w/colored pencil accents & background

Ink bikes... This one is one of my favorites.


Moving boxes

Don't mind the face... we only had maybe 10 minutes to do each of these figure drawings. On the sides I've written down little comments that my teacher was making as he walked around to be cheeky. lol



This one is actually 3 pieces that we had to put together. It's part pencil, part charcoal, and some pastels. The project was to take the two stairway pieces and the architecture that we drew from a magazine picture (the center piece)

Colored Pencils

Love the florescent classroom lights that were reflected in my eye

Excuse the poor quality, I couldnt get a good picture without the flash showing up


A still life I did on a spare piece of mounting board


I did this in maybe 8th grade? Dunno how it got into my portfolio, but it's kind of cool :)

Graphic Design

Aside from the cereal picture, and the Betty Crocker coupon on the flap, this cereal design was made 100% by me using Adobe Illustrator... bar code, nutritional facts, lettering, all of it... It was a lot of fun, but Graphic Design isnt my favorite medium.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I almost forgot...

...Weeeee bit of Weds!

I know I'm blowing up peoples dashboards with posts tonight, and I apologize. I probably should have streamlined them all into one post. Oh well. I'll just be the obnoxious blogger for the night!! I'll blame it on being hyper over our first 2-hr delay. I enjoy them so much better than snow days. Up North we had snow days built into the schedule, down here, they do not. So any snow day we get needs to be made up at a later date. No thanks!!

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?
Yep. We didnt put up one last year b/c he was gone, and I was living with friends... now that we have our own house, we figured it was time to get one.

{two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?
Back home, we always used to have a Christmas party at my parents house on Christmas... this year my family is coming here since the hubs doesnt have any leave days, so we can't travel anywhere... but I'm going to miss a full house and my dads yummy gumbo! 

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?
We went back and forth on this once my sister & I got older. I am not a morning person, even on Christmas. My philosophy is that the presents will still be there at noon when I finally roll out of bed, but my sister does not share the same feelings, and would rather get up at the butt-crack of dawn. A few years my mom tried to appease my sister and let us do presents on Christmas Eve so that I could sleep until it was time to go to my grandmothers, but that just didnt seem as fun.

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?
When I found all of the presents... maybe 4th or 5th grade?

{five} do you fill stockings?
My mom always put the most random stuff in our stockings. My favorite was always the giant pack of AA batteries. I never seem to have them when I need them. Sadly, she told me this year was the last year for be to be getting a stocking full of randomness. Hopefully I can convince the hubs to continue on the battery tradition.

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?
We normally have snacky type foods on Christmas Eve after church, then have a Christmas dinner at my grams. The hubs still hasn't embraced the fact that we have turkey/ham AND spaghetti and meatballs (this also happens on Thanksgiving and someone is always in trouble for eating the meatballs before they hit the table.) He doesnt think that pasta and meatballs are holiday foods... mostly b/c he's not cool enough to be part Italian :P

{eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?
Sadly, it's fake. Real trees are so hard to keep up with, even if they do smell amazing.

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?
Britney Spears-My Only Wish

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?
Yep. I got in on that Shutterfly deal. They came out really nice, except 50 was way too many. I had 10-15 extras. If I get them again, it would be on the condition that they came in a smaller increment.

I love getting comments! It makes me not feel like a crazy woman typing away to cyberspace. At least if gives me satisfaction that people are actually reading my posts, and enjoying what I write. I try and email back to all of the people who comment me, partially because it's the polite thing to do, but mostly because I enjoy reading your blogs as well, and I hope to forge some "bloggy friendships" as I continue on this blogging adventure.

There have been many times (including this afternoon) that I have typed a nice lengthy response, hit sent, and realized it was sent off to Since these comments are obviously not getting sent to their intended recipients, I wonder where in fact these emails are being sent to... Does blogger own this email address? Do they have someone who gets these emails, and reads them? Or do they just get sent off into cyberspace to bounce around for all eternity with no intended destination?

Something to ponder...

And on that note, I'd like to remind all of my bloggy friends to check their settings and make sure that you have your blogger set so that people can write you back! You'll get tons more bloggy love that way. I promise :)

PS. Tomorrow we have a 2-hr delay! Yep, they've already called it! I live in the good ole south, and down here, we do not have those fancy snow plows I'm used to seeing in NY. They're just not cost effective with the limited amount of snowfall here. If it MIGHT snow, we get a two hour delay. If it snow sticks to the road, then schools are closed. We've had 2 snow days followed by a 2 hr delay for less than 3 inches of snow. I personally find it hysterical since I'm used to going to school on buses that just plow on through the snow, but here, they wouldnt dream of doing such a thing!

Want a blog makeover?!

The lovely lady, Ms Brea, who made my pretty blog is hosting a giveaway for having 100 followers. Since I have a beautiful blog that I love, I'm not entering, but if there are any of you ladies who have not started following her, then I suggest you head on over there. She's super sweet & I love reading her blog. Plus, she leaves lots of love on blogs she's following, which makes me smile a whole lot!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Tummy

Although I love all of the yummy things this time of year, I can feel my arteries screaming as they get clogged with holiday goodness. Today at school, a few of us got our classes together and made these super cute Christmas Trees and thankfully I was able to refrain from eating any of the sugary goodness.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some "decorations" yesterday for those pretty little trees and ended up finding this:
Yes, it's every bit as delicious as you would expect it to be.

Tonight, I came home to find a rather large styrofoam cooler on my porch. Upon further inspections, I discovered that my mother had sent me a lovely gift box from Omaha Steaks Inc. If you enjoy steak, and you've never had an Omaha Steak, then you are missing out! They are amazing. Hands down one of the best steaks I've ever had. My aunts live in NE, and one of them sent them to us for Christmas a few years back, that's how we got hooked. I got the variety pack with all of this yummy goodness included:


Thankfully the hubster will not be home until the end of the week, and my mom stressed the fact that the contents of the box was a present for BOTH of us, to keep me from cooking up something delicious tonight. After 3 weeks of busting his but at school and living on nothing but icky Army food, I'm betting he's going to be super happy to be able eat like a king this weekend.

With Christmas partieSSS at school this week, Christmas dinner, and the almost certain list-long amount of restaurants I will be indulging in when my parents arrive in a few weeks, I am in some serious trouble.  I think this may be the first year that I actually make a New Years resolution to lose weight, AND STICK TO IT! lol

Meet Me :)

1.  How do you order your steak?
Usually Medium. Sometimes Medium Rare if its a place I know it notorious for over-cooking steak. If my steak isnt a little pink in the middle, I'm probably not going to eat it. I hate tough meat.

2.  Are you superstitious about anything?
Um, not really. 

3.  Who is your best friend (not including your spouse)?
My mom :)

4.  When is the last time your wore a dress (for the guys...a suit)?
All Ranks Ball a month or so ago
You can't really see my dress, but I swear I have one on! lol. All the rest of the pictures from that night are face shots.

5.  Do you have any trips scheduled?
I might head out to TN to see my friend Veronica over break... but thats still up in the air. I will probably end up doing some sight seeing when my parents come down to visit later this month.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wedding Planning

I'm following quite a few blogs about ladies who are right in the midst of wedding planning. Although I love reading about other people's weddings, that was not what I would have wanted for myself. I have bad anxiety laced with OCD and if someone would have done something that made my strategically planned wedding not quite perfect, they might not have lived to see another day. Plus, I'm a simple country girl, and wearing a $3,000 dress did not sound like a good idea to me.

I always used to tell my friend, who I lovingly call my partner in crime, that she would some day get a call from me in Vegas. I think getting married by Elvis is a hysterical image. We didnt get married in Vegas by Elvis, don't worry. We got married in the court house here. We sat with a bunch of other military couples in a waiting room. As one couple was called into the next room, they were replaced by another couple also looking to get married that day. They called us into the little "chapel" for a maybe 10 minute ceremony. It was way easier in my eyes to do it this way. I don't even have any pictures of us that day, because at the time, it didnt really matter to me. We went out to eat with our witnesses, and spent the rest of the night watching movies in bed.

My parents did throw us a reception this past Labor Day. It was very low key and consisted of grilled foods, and side salads rather than fancy finger foods.  I wore a simple knee length white dress with my cowboy boots. We had fireworks at the end of the night, and my dad's crazy relatives provided the "entertainment." Here are a few pictures from our reception...

My Nanny & Auntie Joan being cold

So happy to be having his picture taken


The band-My dads side (he's playing the drums)

My grams

My daddy-o... the grill master

My cousin-in-law Tyler & me


This is what happens when you let the hubster pick the cake topper

With some of my aunts-This was their first time meeting them & all they could talk about is how cute my hubster is. lol

Cake smashing

Sad about the icing in my nose

My favorite picture of the night-My dad's cousin-in-law

My sister's fiance on the drums

No more dress-Me & my little sister

Future Bro-In-Law

They're so nice to me!

I love him unconditionally 

And the lovely lady who inspired this post :)

She doesnt have many followers yet, so head on over and join her to read about her June wedding to her handsome soldier!