Monday, December 6, 2010

Faculty Meetings... YUCK!

Today we were informed we would be having a "brief" faculty meeting just as we were loading the kids on the buses. Apparently brief means being at the school until almost 5pm listening to teachers ask kid-specific questions that don't pertain to the rest of us. Its stunk big time! It made it so that I came home & didnt want to be productive at all! Thankfully we dont have one next week since we have a PTO meeting. Those arent too bad.

Since I'm on the school topic, I have a HYSTERICAL story. I have one student who is AG (academically gifted). I normally don't have any(even though I have many smart kids) since all of the AG students are grouped together into one class which is taught by a teacher that is AG certified. Since I had him tested & identified this year b/c I thought he was wise beyond his years, he'll stay with me this year, and be streamed into the AG program next year. Since he's such a smarty pants, he normally has his hand up to answer pretty much any question that I have. Today, I told him I wanted to hear from some of the other students, and stopped calling on him for a few questions. Then I hear giggling, and see that he again has his hand raised to answer my question. He had drawn a curly mustache on his finger, and was holding it in front of his face as his "disguise." He told me he was no longer _________ and he was now Pierre in a fake french accent. It took a lot for me to stay composed because I thought it was absolutely genius of him. Kids these days!

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  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout!!!! I really appreciate it! I'll return the favor for sure :-)

  2. Haha I love that the kid drew a mustache on his finger and was in disguise!! So clever!! I'm on my way to follow It's A Dog Tag Wife Life right now! :)