Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Tummy

Although I love all of the yummy things this time of year, I can feel my arteries screaming as they get clogged with holiday goodness. Today at school, a few of us got our classes together and made these super cute Christmas Trees and thankfully I was able to refrain from eating any of the sugary goodness.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some "decorations" yesterday for those pretty little trees and ended up finding this:
Yes, it's every bit as delicious as you would expect it to be.

Tonight, I came home to find a rather large styrofoam cooler on my porch. Upon further inspections, I discovered that my mother had sent me a lovely gift box from Omaha Steaks Inc. If you enjoy steak, and you've never had an Omaha Steak, then you are missing out! They are amazing. Hands down one of the best steaks I've ever had. My aunts live in NE, and one of them sent them to us for Christmas a few years back, that's how we got hooked. I got the variety pack with all of this yummy goodness included:


Thankfully the hubster will not be home until the end of the week, and my mom stressed the fact that the contents of the box was a present for BOTH of us, to keep me from cooking up something delicious tonight. After 3 weeks of busting his but at school and living on nothing but icky Army food, I'm betting he's going to be super happy to be able eat like a king this weekend.

With Christmas partieSSS at school this week, Christmas dinner, and the almost certain list-long amount of restaurants I will be indulging in when my parents arrive in a few weeks, I am in some serious trouble.  I think this may be the first year that I actually make a New Years resolution to lose weight, AND STICK TO IT! lol


  1. I bought the exact same hot chocolate a few weeks ago.. I normally buy Swiss Miss, but the Coldstone kind is so much better! Yum!

  2. Those tress are so cure! When Mr was home on leave he found that hot chocolate, and you are right it is pretty good! Also I have never had Omaha Steaks, but it all sounds delicious and I am pretty jealous! :) Enjoy!

  3. You honestly MIGHT think this is creepy, but me and my husband got an order of Omaha Steaks for an early christmas present. And guess what my order consisted of...

    Bacon wrapped filets
    stuffed baked potatoes
    and more stuff, but that was it that matched yours..

    weird. Bahaha!

  4. I'm so curious about this Cold Stone hot chocolate. Chocolate is like, MY THING. :)

    I'm scared for the holidays too. The break room this morning was FULL of cookies. And just like that, I'm eating cookies at 10:30am. Whoops?


  5. Oh my goodness, Coldstone + hot cocoa... I'm thinking this must be amazing! I'm going to have to get some for me and the Mr. I always say nothing says holidays like being a total fatty ;)

  6. Mmm, hot chocolate sounds super yummy right about now. I can’t remember if I had left you a comment when I first started following you so just in case please feel free to check out my page at