Saturday, December 11, 2010

I feel naked!

Last weekend I took my rings into the jewelry store for their bi-yearly inspection. The woman who took them found that my end two diamonds in my band were cracked, so it would have to be sent off to be fixed. Since its a busy time of year in the jewelry dept, I won't see my ring again until January. My finger feels nakie without my band, and I dont like the way my solitaire spins around more now without the extra ring on that finger. My solitaire has a very high setting and when it spins it pokes my other fingers which are dry from the winter. Grrrr... Hurry up jewelry elves. Fix my ring & send it back!!

Our rings


  1. I always feel naked without mine too. I hope you get them back sooner than expected. At least you got them inspected so the cracks were caught and are able to be fixed though!

  2. Well it is a very pretty set. I hope it comes back sooner than Jan.. fingers crosses for you. :)

    I feel you tho, with me being pregnant having swelling I can't always wear my rings and it sucks not wearing it... :(

  3. Oh girl I know what you mean I need to take my in but I thought I would wait until Jan.

  4. Hope you get them back soon! I know anytime I wear something for a long time and then it's not there I feel lost without it!

  5. Oh I know I had to give mine up for a couple weeks before. So I put another ring that Pete had bought for me on just so I didn't feel naked. I have white gold rings and it wears off or something because it's man made and they have to put it back on. It's very annoying. Guess we should have went with platinum.