Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New blogger!

I promise I will be back with a proper update once my parents leave on Friday morning, but until then I want to ask my lovely ladies to show some bloggy love to a new blogger. She is a new follower of mine, who is just getting started and she only has 3 followers! I remember back in the summer when that was me, and I would get sooooooo excited when I would get another lovely follower.... So show her some love ladies, and give her a few more. I know I have some awesome ladies reading this blog, so prove it :) lol

You can find her blog here if the button doesnt work :)


  1. Aw thanks Erin that was so sweet of you!!

  2. ps the link is broken its not taking us to her blog.

  3. Sorry girls. I noticed the link is broken too. I am teaching myself along the way on how to do this blog stuff...but apparently I need some more practice!