Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love getting comments! It makes me not feel like a crazy woman typing away to cyberspace. At least if gives me satisfaction that people are actually reading my posts, and enjoying what I write. I try and email back to all of the people who comment me, partially because it's the polite thing to do, but mostly because I enjoy reading your blogs as well, and I hope to forge some "bloggy friendships" as I continue on this blogging adventure.

There have been many times (including this afternoon) that I have typed a nice lengthy response, hit sent, and realized it was sent off to Since these comments are obviously not getting sent to their intended recipients, I wonder where in fact these emails are being sent to... Does blogger own this email address? Do they have someone who gets these emails, and reads them? Or do they just get sent off into cyberspace to bounce around for all eternity with no intended destination?

Something to ponder...

And on that note, I'd like to remind all of my bloggy friends to check their settings and make sure that you have your blogger set so that people can write you back! You'll get tons more bloggy love that way. I promise :)

PS. Tomorrow we have a 2-hr delay! Yep, they've already called it! I live in the good ole south, and down here, we do not have those fancy snow plows I'm used to seeing in NY. They're just not cost effective with the limited amount of snowfall here. If it MIGHT snow, we get a two hour delay. If it snow sticks to the road, then schools are closed. We've had 2 snow days followed by a 2 hr delay for less than 3 inches of snow. I personally find it hysterical since I'm used to going to school on buses that just plow on through the snow, but here, they wouldnt dream of doing such a thing!


  1. YAY for snow days and 2 hour delays!! And YES, I agree on the no-comment replies. I hate when I type one up and then realize no one got it. Dangit!

  2. I'm the same way about the snow! I grew up in the midwest and where I live now, they talk about snow and they close the schools. And I've done the same thing with comments (although recently I realized I can set it so people can respond). I've written many a response to realize that I can't send it.

  3. I love snow... if only we got some here!! and I feel the same way about no replies its sad.. I love to read new blogs based on the people who comment on mine!

  4. hope this wasn't mine cause my thingy crashed. And I actually have never gotten that before when commenting on someone's blog...I wonder why? hmm.!