Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sometimes I really hate facebook...

...I hate how people hide behind it.

Last time I checked, I graduated from high school nearly 8 years ago, so why is it that I'm STILL experiencing high school drama? This is one of the many reasons that I have very few friends my own age any more. It's like I grew up, but time is standing still for so many others my age. At 25 I have graduated college, own my own home (technically 2), am married, have a career, and take care of myself. Yet, for some, they have accomplished none of the above. When is it time to start moving forward & not living in the drama-laced past?!

I noticed maybe 3 weeks ago that a friend had deleted me off her facebook. Her & I have been friends since we were in kindergarten, roomed together for 3 years in college, but havent really talked much in a while. I moved to NC, and she ended up moving to NV. I was kind of perplexed by this, since we hadnt talked recently, so I had no idea why this came about. I emailed her and asked why, and her response today was a simple "You can't say that we're honestly friends anymore." When I know for a fact that she hasnt talked to quite a few of her other facebook friends in longer amounts of time than we have. She never really uses facebook, so if she was deleting me, it was purposeful. I clicked on her wall to see just after she had deleted me she had written:  

"I've totally made hobag not my friend anymore .. i feel so liberated!!!" 

Not that I particularly care what anyone has to say about me, but I havent talked to her in a year, maybe longer, so I have no clue what would have warranted that kind of comment. I just HATE that facebook allows people to talk shit for the world to see, and people can sit there behind their little computer screens instead of manning up and saying things to peoples faces. Its so annoying. This is the crap we did in high school, at 26, almost 27 years old, she should really be deleting "hobag" from her vocabulary, and learning to handle things like an adult.

I managed to be the bigger person and ask her if there was something I did wrong, and offer apologies for whatever it may have been, even though at that point I was feeling extra rotten & wanted to respond with a snarky comment about how she slept with twice as many people when she was studying abroad than I have in my whole life, but I refrained, since I honestly have no desire to stoop to that level anymore.

Its really sad how facebook enables the drama to breed like wildfire these days, and not just in teenagers, but so called adult as well. Would our world be a kinder place without it? Something to think about...


  1. That is awful and I agree with you on so many levels...
    I deal with immaturity on a daily basis from people surrounding me. There is no escape from simple minded people. Sometimes I wonder why I see things so differently, did I have a different childhood then most... What is it that makes us different???

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I would delete my facebook if so many people in my family didn't have it. I don't have drama on their, BUT the amount of posts that I read of other people's drama is way too time to consuming to even flip through the pages. I use it for family since we live so far away from them and thats it. It's not a good social network anymore and people take it way to seriously.

  3. Ugh, I hate people who do things like that! They need to grow up and either confront the person or just shut it.

  4. I don't have Facebook, but my family and some friends have it and they tell me all that drama that goes on there. Some people are on their just to be nosey and talk behind peoples back, and that's not cool.

  5. The only reason I still have a FB is to keep family and friends updated on how we're doing and to update them with pictures of the kids.. It's easier than sitting down and e-mailing every single person.. When I first joined FB, I had almost every person I went to school with on there - even if we didn't talk.. They'd request and I would accept. A few weeks after Jay left, I got sick of reading people's stupid drama and deleted over 200 people. I now have close friends, family, and a few bloggers that I talk to on a regular basis.. That's it. I prefer to keep my life drama free.

  6. i think that because you were SO close, losing touch hurt more. she probably felt bitter and left behind by you, even though communication goes both ways. having acquaintances on facebook who you rarely talk to is fine, but having a best friend (who's photos and amazing life pop up in your news feed everyday) who you've lost touch with would probably make you bitter if you yourself are stuck in the same place.

    i'm sorry you had to deal with that, that's so annoying. it's sad, but you obviously don't need her in your life anyways!

  7. Wow that's harsh. It's hard to believe someone who was once so close to you can act so cruel & childish. I had a friend do the samething to me a few years ago on MySpace & just last month she wanted to be friend on facebook. Yeah...I dont think so. The way I see it, she's jealous of eveyrthing you've accomplished & you should totally be proud of that :)

  8. facebook=the devil :)
    not even kidding.. so i couldn't agree with you more girlfriend!

    thank you so much for stopping by yesterday :)
    your kind words meant so much! hope you have a lovely day and i can't wait to keep reading your adorable little blog!

  9. Oh my gosh!!!! What an immature way to handle yourself...you're clearly the bigger person and all she accomplished with a post like that was embarrassing herself. Good riddance!!!

  10. Facebook really does ruin lives ;-) (yes I know that that is a little extreme...haha) I am sorry that that is all happening! I hope you are see past it!!

    I am your newest follower!!