Sunday, January 30, 2011

No, I didn't die...

... I've just been super busy! Horray for being busy. I'd rather be busy than bored any day! lol

My last post HERE was telling ya'll about a dresser I redid. I paid $20 for the white dresser. Got some red satin Valspar spray paint, and sprayed her down. Then I used some Valspar Antiquing Glaze to dirty her up, and I finished her with these super cute knobs I got a Lowes for $0.97 each!! I loved that because this dresser has 12 knobs, and I didnt want to be shelling out $5 a piece for them. They had this great little design to them, so I rubbed some silver acrylic paint in them to bring out the design. I tried using the red to match the dresser, but with the black underneath it made it look orange... but the silver looks fantastic. Just enough to give it bring out the detail, but not enough to be distracting :)

So, for about $50, I am now the proud owner of this little beauty! I am soooo in love! It came out exactly like I was hoping.

A splash of silver

A little bit of antiquing glaze

Did I ever mention I'm obsessed with Giraffes?

Can't get enough of these .97 cent knobs!

Sanded down a little to reveal her old self

The best part is, now I don't have to hear my hubs complain that he can't see the TV from bed!


  1. I love it! looks good! It's fun to take old stuff and give it a new funky look!

  2. Love the color! Thanks for the tip on where to find inexpensive knobs, too! :)

  3. Awesome end product. I love the color. I'm in needs of new knobs too, and so now I now where to find some! :)


  4. That looks awesome! I love the red color, it really pops.

    I love giraffes too. They are by far my favorite animal!

  5. ohmygoodness this looks amazing!! great job!