Sunday, January 9, 2011

So stylish!


I've already been given this award, but I figured, why not?! I'll give it a go again :)

A pretty little lady named Victoria over at Our Love Never Fails. Gave me this award. She's a total sweetypie, so if you're not following her, go do so! She was one of the lovely blogs on my top viewed sites list in this post. She posts quite often, and I always enjoy what she has to say :)

Now for the award requirements:
Write 7 random things about myself & pass on to 15 bloggers

1. I absolutely CANNOT sleep with socks on, and I have to have at least 1 foot sticking out from under the blankets
2. Spending the day with my horses puts me into the worlds best mood (I'll be back later today to upload a TON of horsey pictures :D )
3. I can recite the United States pledge of allegiance, in French. When I will ever need this skill, I have no idea, but it's one thing I will never forget thanks to having to say it every day for the 5 years I took french in high school. lol
4. I grew up in a "Right to Farm" community, and I love my home-grown country roots.

5. I am a grammar nazi, but I am the world's worst at spelling.
6. I was in a sorority in college. It was one of the best & worst experiences of my life.
7. I have recently become ADDICTED to Emily Griffin books. She's great, so if you havent read her, I suggest you pick up a book or two by her. I read Something Borrowed in one day, cover to cover.

And now I'm going to be a total cop-out and leave this award to all of my lovely followers who have not gotten this award yet, ONLY because I've already given out this award before :)

Like I said above, come on back and stalk my blog. I will be posting some oh-so-beautiful horsey pictures in a few hours. I have over 200 to sort through since I FINALLY remembered to grab my Rebel T1i before I ran out the door!! :D


  1. The only 2 authors I read religiously are Emily Giffin and Nicholas Sparks. Although be forwarned after you get through the first 2 books by Emily, she kinda falls of the "Good" side at least with me anyway ...her last 3 books in my opinion just totally lacked the spark that her first 2 had. :( I just didn't think they were as good. You'll have to let me know what you think!

  2. oooooh! I love Emily Giffin books! :) And you're welcome lovebug.