Monday, January 3, 2011

You Know You're Addicted to Blogging When...

...You click on your Safari Top Sites and see this...


Facebook, Yahoo Email, Google, and BLOGS :D 
Ha ha. I love it. If your blog isnt on my top sites, it's not that I'm not reading your blog, it's that these ladies post often, so I am reading their blogs more than yours... so get out there and post, post, post! Then maybe you can make my Safari Top Sites ;)


  1. Ha! This is so what mine looks like! Cept I think mine goes, FB, yahoo mail, Blogger, Ebay, Amazon and my bank LOL Great post!

  2. lol...I'm definitely addicted!

  3. haha I see my blog on your top sites. I have safari too and you would laugh at mine since it looks like yours.

  4. I feel so lucky that I made your top list!! :)
    I might just have to start using Safari so I can see what I'm most addicted to!! haha