Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 2

Someone I've been closest with the longest

Well, it used to be Kaylah. We were friends for over 20 years, but sadly, we no longer are, and I havent the slightest idea what I did to upset her. I wrote more about that HERE if you'd like to read more on our falling out. As bitter as I am that things ended the way they did with us, I still care a lot about her, and our 20+ year friendship still puts her as the person that I've been the closest with the longest, so here are some of the random pictures we have from over the years :D

We were in the same kindergarten class... played baseball together... were girl scouts together... were inseparable senior year... were room mates for 3/4 of college... and she pledged my sorority... after college we kind of went our separate ways, but it wasnt until recently that we became unfriendly :(

Sooooo, this is kind of scandalous, but I'll tell ya'll anyway. Our sorority has a tradition which we call Senior Sours (other sororities call it senior send-off) Well, the nice alumni before us came up with this embarrassing tradition which involved these ridiculous crowns, a heart with the Greek letters of the frat guys you've hooked up with, and a bar crawl on a Sunday afternoon. These are the seniors from my bar crawl. I'm on the end looking like a loon with the crown over my eyes. You can see my skanktastic pledge sister on the other side with about 23905493485 Greek letters on her heart. EWW :P

We played dress up on more than one occasion

Visiting a friend at her college

Thats lipgloss in my cleavage. lol

Back when we were all tanorexic

 Hello free tanning

Prob my fav pic of us ever

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  1. Oh my goodness, that tradition is hilarious! I can already think of one girl in my pledge class that would be like your letter laden sister ;)