Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New job?!

This year:
I have 16 students (I started with 20)
I get paid roughly 1,800 after taxes & whatnot
I teach 180 days

Projection for next year
I will have 35 students
I will get paid roughly 1,500 after taxes
I will teach 215 days

If this happens, they will be getting my letter of resignation

On a funny note... my class has 2 tables at lunch. For the entire year it's been 1 table for the boys, and 1 table for the girls. Today, a boy sat at our girl table, and a girl sat at the boy table... the hormones are raging!! But the flirting is adorable. Like today one of the girls took the lone boy's applesauce, then he threw his napkin at her :)


  1. bahahaha! i was laughing at the applesauce and napkin part. I think that teachers are way underpaid...and Im sure you hear that A LOT!!!!

  2. I hope for the best for you that the change doesn't happen! And I love the little story. It's funny how they probably don't realize that they are flirting either. :)

  3. Haha, I remember being that young & fliriting with boys by taking something of theirs. I hope your job doesnt do that to you, it sucks that teachers always get the shitty end of the deal. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

  4. OH NO! That's terrible. And 35 students...and you teach 5th grade, right? That can't be legal, can it?! Maybe it can...they are pretty self sufficient, but still. We're expecting our new governor to release the budget today and there are lots of education cuts expected and it's not going to be pretty :( I work at a school district too, but I'm not a teacher.

  5. I'm baaaaack! And I LOVE your page! Those are some great pictures, too!!

  6. Oh that's rough! You think they'd treat teachers so much better!