Monday, March 28, 2011

30 day challenges are just NOT my thing. lol

Day 14-Someone you don't want to imagine your life without

My favorite picture of us. R&R 2010

Day 15-Something I want to do before I die

Own a big gorgeous log-cabin style horse ranch with at least 100 acres

Day 16-Someone who inspires me.

My parents FOR SURE... when they first got married, neither one of them had gone to college, so they started out at their companies at the ground level. We didnt have a ton of money when I was little, and my dad (with the help of his family) BUILT OUR HOUSE to save us from having a mortgage. The land was given to him by my grandparents, and they paid the rest themselves, even selling his 66 stingray corvette to do so :( They stayed with the companies they were at, and until my mom retired this past year, make 3x what they made when they started. My dad has really inspired me to be a saver. He pays cash for EVERYTHING, and has never had a credit card. Although I can't say the same about myself, I'd MUCH RATHER pay an extra payment on a bill, then spend money on random clothes I probably wont end up wearing. I'd rather invest my money into the house, or our cars, or the land that we've purchased. I can't even tell you how many people have told us we got an AMAZING deal on our 10 acre property... and we did. It will be so easy to clear it off and double our money if we decide to sell it down the road, and thats pretty much what my parents did with their house. It now appraises for 180k, when they spent not even half of that to build it.

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