Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Always an Adventure

We had a crazy weekend/Monday. Friday we went out to dinner and hung out with our friends Lauren and Lance. While we were hanging out, the boys decided that they wanted to go to Myrtle Beach so that they could go to the bass pro shop. We ended up having a fun little road trip including me talking my darling hubs out of getting the Dukes of Hazzard air horn for his truck, but not being able to stop him from adding a few more camo stickers to the Redneckmobile. lol.

Sunday we went out and visited with the horses, fed them some carrots, and brushed them out. When we were there they were fine. They were playing their typical run away from the lead-rope games. Gary, the man we board them with was telling us a funny story about how the new stallion he has got into the storage shed and ate about 50lbs of horse feed, and 25lbs of dog food. Gary got this horse about 2 weeks ago. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I am a huge animal lover. All of my pets were rescued in a way. Most recently, our two sweetheart rescue horses. Well, Gary went riding an discovered that the stallions owner had left him basically to die. He was given 3 feet of chain and tied to a stake. No food, no water. Thankfully, Gary loves animals as much as me (which is why we LOVE boarding with him) and he of course brought the stallion home & has been nursing him back to health. After visiting with the horses and Gary, he headed out to get hay and we headed back.

Monday we had a faculty meeting, so I had to fly out to the feed store (about an hour away, because they're the only ones that carry the good feed) before they closed at 5:30 since the stallion had eaten most of the supply we had in storage. Since I was already out, I dropped the feed off at Gary's house. I noticed all four of the horses in the pasture were rolling around on the ground, but not the stallion (he stays in the yard b/c he's a naughty boy who likes to try and jump on the girls. lol) but I didnt think too much of it because it was a warm day, and they like to roll around in the dirt. On my way home I stopped on post to drop off something for Emily. When I was just about home I got a frantic call from the hubs saying he just got off the phone with Gary. It was dark at that point, and the horses were still laying down (which is not a good sign!) so I rushed home, changed really quickly, and hopped back in the car to head back out to the horses (we board them about an hour away)

When we got there Gary was out there trying to keep the horses from laying down. We had called the emergency vet number at least 20 times at that point, but we couldn't get a hold of the vet because he was on another emergency call. We got all the horses up and moving, and we finally agreed that our tub-o-lard horses had eaten themselves sick. They are in a nice green pasture, so they don't get hay too often. Well all four of them (our two, and his two) had gorged on the hay. We spent two hours keeping them up, and walking them around so that the hay could... work its way out... and waiting for the vet. He eventually called, but couldnt leave the other horse he was with. We had to drive an hour out to him to pick up meds to help their big fat bellies.

Once they got the meds into them we were able to keep them all up on their feet. We left there about 1:30am, so needless to say, I was exhausted at work today, and I'm sure the hubs is too since he just left for the field.

Fingers crossed that the meds work and we don't have to have them pumped full of minerals! And thank God for Gary being so amazing and calling us the second he noticed something was wrong with them :)


  1. im so glad that they are doing better! That must have been scary for you! :(

  2. Oh wow! That's crazy! I'm glad they are doing better (now) and hopefully the meds work so y'all don't have to get their stomachs pumped. It's kinda funny in a way but I know when all this was going on, it wasn't funny one bit!

  3. Wow, that's crazy! Hopefully the drugs will kick in and work!