Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Award Time :D

The lovely J at It's a Dog Tag Wife Life tagged me for this lovely award. I know I've posted about how ya'll should follow her before, but if you're a newbie to my blog, go on over and follow her. She posts on some great topics (like the types of people at the gym... hilarious!!) and a cute little segment on why she loves her husband.

I get to pass it on to 5 more lovely ladies. A lot of ya'll have already gotten this award, so I hope I'm not repeating...

Mrs H @ Scrubs, ACU's, and One Crazy Ride

SLM @ Army Dogs

And a few soon to be MilSpouses that I love reading about
Gris @ A Little Piece of My World

Brea @ Utterly Chaotic 

Stacy @ For Ever and For Always, No Matter What