Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gosh I suck at this!! Days 4-6?

I'm going to try and play catch-up a little bit today. I want to do Wee Bits tomorrow, and Things Students Say on Thursday (I've got a few funnies for this already!!)

Day 4: A picture of your night

Since it's not nightime yet, I'm going to post about last night. I came home and cleaned up a little. Made some yummy steak with onion & mushrooms and asparagus for dinner. Then I settled in to watch Pretty Little Liars with this little doodle-bug up here in my face. (These pictures are not from last night) I've had her since before the hubs and I got together, so she is a mommy's girl. She has just recently started to like the hubs... but she still predominately harasses me. lol Most nights you can find her curled up in my lap, or licking my hands until I pay attention to her.

Day 5: Favorite Memory
No way in heck could I choose just one... so here are my Top 5... in no particular order. lol
1. Bahamas Cruise/Busch Gardens with my family when I was a Senior. My dad blew through wads of cash (I wish I had 1/5 of the money this man has!!) and let us do whatever we wanted. We did the dolphin excursion on Paradise Island since that is what my sister wanted to do, and when we were in Tampa visiting my grandparents after the cruise, he took us all on a safari in Busch Gardens b/c giraffes are my favorite animal ever, and I really wanted to feed them!!

I'll try and add a picture here later. This was before we got a digital camera, so I have to scan them in.

2. College. The whole thing in general. It was the first time I was out on my own, and I lived life to the fullest.

My little sister Lindsay aka Lexie of the Alpha Kappa pledge class (I really wish I could find the pics from the night my pledge class got in.

The BX beach party where they put hundreds of pounds of sand in their apartment... without a tarp down... so it was there for months!

Alumni Weekends

My sorority photo

Date parties

The night we trashed the house b/c we were mad at the pledges, then made them clean it all up. So mean, but they deserved it. lol

Stealing random stuff on the walk home from the bars and stacking it on the back porch of the boys who lived in the house behind us

Kaylah... who could sleep through anything! She didnt wake up with all of this stacked on top of her (including two 6" guys!!)

Sweet Block 29-These were the girls I spent every second with senior year since this was our hardest semester before student teaching. This was my 21st birthday weekend!

3. The summer after I graduated college, where my PIC Bridget and I got into more trouble than I care to remember.

The weekend we went to Canada (those were free drinks... we didnt buy a single one while we were there :D )

The nights we spent being upset over two stupid boys we met at the Tavern

The lake all summer long

Playing Kings Cup... the rule is any time someone spills salsa on the table, Bridget has to drink :D

4. The first few weeks after deployment. I was on vacation from school, and the boys were ready to let off steam after a year in the desert. We had a blast those first few weeks he was back, until we finally settled down after we both went back to work. We also went to Michigan shortly after I went back to work to see his grandparents, and we had our wedding reception at my parents house in NY which was too much fun!!

5. My Uncle Dale's wedding. I was old enough to drink, and my mom's two sisters were in from Nebraska. We rarely get to see them and my cousins, so it was a complete blast to get shnockered with them. We did so many shots that my poor uncle went home & passed out while my new aunt went out without him to continue the party!

My cousin Brittany pretending to do cocaine... dont worry, it's only sugar ;)

My mom (left), her 3 sisters, and my uncle (the baby)

All my cousins on my moms side (except for my two new little ones)

My classy momma with hershey kisses in her nose

My dad and sister... before she threw up. lol

The "little old Italian ladies" on my moms side... my Auntie Rachel on the right end is almost 100. She is 19 years older than my gram(center) who is her younger sister

The happy dunk couple

My dad might be drunk

 My sister, me, my uncle/groom, my cousin Brittany

I know that all of these include alcohol... which is hysterical because I RARELY EVER drink. Maybe I should do that more often?!

Day 6: Someone I want to trade places with

Miley Cyrus. I know I'm probably too old to love her, but I do!


  1. I love that you're gearing up for Thursday already! The children just can't help it! ;)

  2. a) your pup is adorable
    b) love all your pics, they all look like so much fun. The beach photo is hilarious, so much sand!

  3. Haha! You've had some awesome times! :)