Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank You Uncle Sam!!

My aunt bought some savings bonds for me when I was a baby. (You can see the year I was born on the far left... I'm such an OLD LADY. lol!!) She paid $25 each, for a total of $125. I thought when you had the bond for 20 years, that you got the face value (Which would have been $250) Well, thank you Uncle Sam for the surprise! I found out that they KEEP MATURING after the 20 years is up, so you can see on the bottom right, that my $250 worth of savings bonds turned into $456.98. I really wish I knew that they kept on maturing, because I would have held on to them longer, and gotten even more money. lol. 

So if you have savings bonds, and you don't know anything about them (like me! lol) then hold on to them as long as possible! They'll keep on maturing and collecting money!! 

Now, what to spend all this money on?! As you probably already guessed if you read my last post, I'm going to try and pay some more bills off. lol. I'm so predictable!


  1. Yay for paying off bills! Oh, and just so you know you left your SSN up on there, you should probably black that out =)

  2. That's so cool! I think I have one for like $50 or something but it's only been 13 years since they gave it to me, I'll hold onto it for a little bit longer :)