Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things Students Say Thurs

Last week Erin at Every Branch told me about a new segment she was hosting called "Things Students Say Thursdays." I was super excited because my kids crack me up, so I can't wait to read what other kids have to say. So here are my contributions for the week:

Girl: Can I have a carrot?
Boy: No.
Girl: I'll be your best friend
Boy: I have a best friend
Girl ::snatches a carrot::
Boy: Hey! You can't have my carrots! They keep my eyes healthy! I'm going to go blind and it's all your fault. (Someone's mother is telling white lies ;) he he)

Me: _______ don't sit like that. You're going to fall & crack your head open.
Boy: ::continues to sit perched on the top of his chair::
Me: Please get down.
Someone comes along and bumps him, causing him to topple over
Boy: Owwwwww my dragon balls!


  1. Awesome!! So glad you could participate! I can only imagine the things they say are even crazier at your age level! Thanks for playing! :)

  2. Hey. The mom might be exaggerating the truth about carrots a little bit, but whatever works! These ideas that kids get are hilarious! If the kid said Vitamin A, I would really be cracking up!

  3. aww! wow, you should post more on what your kids say ;) sorry I have been neglecting your blog!