Thursday, April 28, 2011

I was totally busted... gluing where I shouldn't have been by the hubs. lol.

We have very low windows, and our taller dogs can put their feet on the window sills from the back yard. Needless to say, they have put their little puppy feet through the screen one too many times when they hear either of us moving about in the bedroom. The screen wasnt torn, just pushed in... and after yesterday's post about the INVASION of ninja jumping spiders outside my house, I was NOT going to let the hubs open the window at night with the screen popped off... and being as how he's not the quickest at fixing things around the house with trips to the field almost every week now, I figured I'd use a teensy, tiny bit of hot glue (aka 3-4 sticks. ha!) to seal it off from further spidey invasion.

I waited until he was outside... but somehow he snuck in behind me, and I was caught red handed. lol

I am a firm believer that ANYTHING can be fixed with a glue gun. Loads of people say that about super glue, but I'm an impatient girl, and hot glue dries way faster. he he.

This is why I'm not allowed to fix anything around the house.
Because I just glue it back together.
Like the time I tried to close the vent in the bathroom.
But I'm short.
So I climbed on the toilet seat.
I slipped.
Off came the toilet seat.
Tried to glue it back together.
Glued hand to toilet seat.
Got laughed at by hubs.
Hubs replaced my glue monstrosity.


  1. You glued the toilet seat back on? LMAO Okay, that is too classic for words! I would be doing the same as you though. Either glue or duct tape. Because duct tape also fixes everything.

  2. OUCH!!! Did you pull a good chunk of skin off? that sounds painful!!!

  3. This post made my made my day thank you

  4. LOL I needed this laugh today! I just used a hot glue gun for the first time in my life a couple months ago and I love it! haha

  5.'re a lot like my husband, except he uses duct tape.

  6. Photo Swap is up! So glad you joined us this week :)