Friday, April 15, 2011

It just makes me sick...

... the way students talk to teachers these days. I witnessed a little girl give a teacher the most disgusting attitude when the teacher asked her to stand up and stop talking during the fire drill. Telling the teacher that she was sick of her, rolling her eyes, muttering under her breath, etc, etc. The teacher told her with that bad attitude she would end up getting roughed up in the alternative placement (for behavior) school next year, and the teacher was the one who got in trouble. Even though it was a completely valid point. This child will end up there within the first few weeks of school if she doesnt change her behavior, because at the middle school, they actually discipline students who misbehave.

NOTHING happened to the child.
Nothing has EVER happened with this child and her bad attitude.
She bullies other kids into tears.
Other kids are scared of her.
She talks back to teachers.
She cheats on tests.
She lies to adults faces.
NOTHING ever happens.
Some days I really despise this profession.


  1. It's really sad what some kids can get away with nowadays.

  2. Ugh..I use to coach kids like that in gymnastics and I would tell them that if they didn't want to be there they could just leave! Most of the parents got the point pretty quickly!

  3. That is exactly why I would NEVER teach... teachers are so underpaid and undervalued.. and they put up with so much shit. I would probably smack a kid around and end up getting arrested.. lol

  4. How did the teacher get in trouble for her comment towards the kid? someone rat on her, or did the spoiled brat go home to say something to mommy and daddy?

    This is a daily occurrence at my school. DAILY more like hourly. I yelled at a kid at recess yesterday to pull his pants up that we didn't want any hoodlums on our campus. I didn't get in trouble. Most others laughed!

  5. its just sad the way people act these days expecially kids. How come nothing ever happens to this child?

  6. Wow that's terrible! Apparently the superintendent of the school district I grew up in sent out emails to all teachers in the district saying they were not allowed to discipline or fail any African American students. I just don't get how that will ever help them, students need to be disciplined.

  7. My dad is an asst principal in an inner city school in a tough neighborhood. When my fiance came home for R&R we went to visit my Dad at work. There were kids mouthing off to teachers and my dad left and right. "You can call my mom. I don't care!" I would have been terrified as a child if they threatened to call my parents! Then a kid with extreme behavioral issues threw a chair down the stairs. At the end of all of this my fiance said, "Wow, I feel safer in Afghanistan than I do with these kids." It's sad :(

  8. Ugh that makes me SOOO angry! I can't handle kids and their attitudes nowadays. We weren't perfect but we sure as hell didn't act like they do now. When we acted up, WE got in trouble, not the teachers. So sad.