Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loving Tail Wagging Tuesday :)

Head over to CMae's blog to link up and join the fun :)

Since I have 5 furr-children, I am going to cheat a little and use more than one pic, but only one of each of them :)

My favorite of Dixie, my ferocious pitbull ;)

Miley when she was an ittle-bittle pup-Thankfully she grew out of the lazy eye!

He loves riding in the truck... even in the back. He's our little ranch-hand.

Illusion-21 going on 12!

The Great Gilly Hopkins (yes, like the book. lol) I love the perspective of this one... Nom Nom Nom


  1. Your pups are adorable and your horses are so beautiful! I have always loved horses!

  2. I love that your horse's name is Illusion.What a great name! :) Thank yo so much for sharing!! - C mae

  3. I love the pictures!!!

    oh yeah your pit is just ferocious (NOT) she is very beautiful though!

  4. Your furchildren are fantastic!!! Love all the pics :)

  5. oh my gosh your furkids are ADORABLE!!! I have 2 doxies by the way! ;)

    New follower, hope you'll check out my blog!

  6. Your pets are adorable!

    I have a Dixie, too, but she's a yorkie!

    Playground Duty