Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prayers for the Ft Bragg Area

Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the storms yesterday.

Yesterday we had a series of 7 tornados in the Ft Bragg area. From what I've heard from people who are from here (I've only been here 4 years) the last time something happened like this was in the mid '80s. I have never witnessed anything like this, being from NY, and I just couldnt comprehend the destruction that happened.

The Sanford tornado can be viewed HERE. This is about 20 minutes North of where we live.

The Fayetteville tornado can be viewed HERE. This is where Ft Bragg is located.

The following are my photos. My darling husband was trying to get back home with his best friend when he heard about the twister ripping through Fayetteville. The boys ran home, grabbed their chainsaws (and me) and we all went to help where we could. I couldn't help clear All American expressway (one of the main entrances into Ft Bragg) because of the traffic. After they had helped the MP's clear the road, we went to the closest neighborhood affected by the tornado and found a house that needed people to help get a tree off their roof.

 This shows the path across the median that the twister took
Houses just demolished

After clearing All American-We went towards the neighborhood in the picture above to see if we could help, and this is what we found...

This is the house we stopped to help at... the tree had gone into her bedroom

Hubs on the roof trying to get most of the tree down without breaking her window

Clear skies... no indication of the weather from a few hrs earlier

Another soldier helping... they almost have the tree down


  1. you and your husband are angels. And that pretty much sums up how i feel, everyone will be in my prayers.

  2. I still cannot get over what happened yesterday! We were so close to the Sanford tornado and when that hit, it got super dark, windy, and scary here. I thought for sure we were going to get hit too. That was the scariest part of the whole day. And then all hell broke loose in Fayetteville. Then we lost power until this afternoon. I'm SO glad y'all (and I know this makes me sound shallow) and our house are okay. My heart goes out to everyone affected by yesterday. You guys were amazing to go out there and try and help. If we were there, I would have gone out there with y'all but I couldn't even get my garage open (even manually) to get my car out! Where we're at, it looks as if NOTHING happened yesterday. It's crazy!

  3. I thought they weren't leaving till Thursday? At least that's what we were told.

    :( I'm sorry!! That makes me sad but we'll be equally as COOL! hahaha

  4. Oh, those storms were unbelievable (in a horrific, tragic, turn-life-upside-down kind of way) and your hubby have hearts of gold to drop your lives and chip in where needed. WOW.

    xx Cat brideblu

  5. wow 0.0 how horrible. ill be praying for everyone who has been affected by this. you guys are absolutely awesome to help out!