Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Liberty Tax

..you can take your statue of liberty torch and shove it up your rear!

I got a frantic text from the hubs while at work saying he was going to blow up Liberty Tax today.

I am BEYOND fed up with this company. I don't care how much longer the wait is at H&R Block, I will NEVER use Liberty again. I knew from the start, when we had a noticeably inexperienced representative filing for us that it was going to be trouble... but I felt bad for the owner, who had just opened the franchise, and she was super sweet, so we continued on.

After battling the IRS since Feb 15th (that was the earliest we could submit because of our tax deductions) due to the fact that I had changed my name in August to my married name, and the IRS had no record of this. I harassed Social Security, and they said they couldnt do anything. After stalking the IRS webpage for weeks and weeks, we finally saw that we were going to have our money deposited his past Friday.

Well, on Friday, the people at Liberty decided that they weren't going to worry about taking care of business, and did not follow through on a very important step with our return, which caused our money to be lost in banking cyber space. WHAT? How does one lose TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Yep, thanks to Obama and his home buyers tax credit, we are getting a 10k return this year. To make matters worse, THEY HAVE NO RECORDS OF US EVER FILING THERE? Really? How do you expect to run a business if you don't keep records of your transactions? Especially when dealing with peoples money?

Not that we're going to die if we don't get it, but a majority of our return is going to getting our pastures set up for our horses. They've been boarded over an hour away for far too long, and I'm dying with anticipation to get them here, close to us, so that I can see them on a regular basis. With gas being predicted to hit $6 this summer, there is no way I can make that drive as often as I'd like. Now, we have to wait even longer to be able to get our land cleared and fenced for them.

Thankfully, after more than a few irate phone calls, we have discovered that our tax money has been returned to the IRS, so we will have to be reissued a check (hopefully this won't take forever) and it will be coming directly to us, so Liberty will not be getting their $400 for preparing our taxes for us. A small compensation for the major headache they have caused.

At least all of this was resolved before my Field Artillery trained husband who has a VERY short temper could find the means to blow up their building. he he.


  1. Ok...#1 that's one big ass tax return...LUCKY! #2 They suck! I'd be pretty pissed too. That's just bad business.

    Glad things got worked out though & you'll have your ginormous check soon :)

  2. What a horrible mess! Sorry you had to deal with this! I work for a small CPA firm doing taxes... same thing happened with me and my name this year since I got married last year; I knew immediately that was a problem when my return bounced back electronically. So I filed with my maiden name and it was fine.... I hope they told you right away about the problem (because it is easy to fix) but that is so unacceptable that they messed up your refund! (I do know that verifying the first-time homebuyer credit can take the IRS extra long to process refunds)... hope this all gets straightened out soon so you can get your horses home! :)

  3. I'd be ready to blow up something if they were messing with $10K worth of my money!! I'm glad you've gotten it straightened out and will still get the refund, but what a nightmare! My blood pressure would have killed me in that kind of situation!