Friday, May 20, 2011

I thought I'd never make it...

... this is the WORST time of year to have any interaction with children. lol. I love them to death, but holy hell they are full of piss and vinegar lately. A combination of anxiety over their End Of Grade tests, and the excitement of summer slowly creeping up has got them in hyperdrive.

I am VERY pleased to announce that my class met their goal of 80% pass rate on their Science EOG test! Woohoo! We had 13/16 pass, and the ones who didnt pass did AWESOME! They know their stuff, but they are not strong readers, and because the people who make this test are EVIL and have to ask questions in a round-about, overly-wordy way, they were pretty much setting these kiddos up for failure! Jerks! Hopefully soon they will go do away with standardize testing, and have some sort of short answer type test where these kiddos can shine, and show what they know!


  1. congratulations on most of your kids passing! Those kinds of tests are truly evil...

  2. Woo! Teachers rock! You go girl!