Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tail Wagging pt 6

This week it's "The Look"... how fun! I'm loving this post topic!

Miley-The touch my doritos and you will lose that hand look

Dixie-The guilty look

Miley-The stop taking pictures of me now mommy look

Dixie-The too tired to move look

Ty-The lets get out of here look... he also loves to ride in the bed of the truck too. lol

Dixie-The serious look

Miley-Ha ha... The don't bother to yell at me, I'm going to continue to dig holes in the backyard, because I do what I want look.

Rebel-The please drop me some scraps while you're cooking look

Rebel-So sleepy look

Rebel, Ty and Miley-Another guilty look (from the other 3) who were being naughty on the couch

Ty-The what do you want look

Miley-The you're the low man on the totem pole look. lol. She may be the littlest, but she's the boss of the crew ;)


  1. haha my parents have a mini daschund and she is def the boss!! :)

  2. Love all the pictures. They are precious :)

  3. Those pictures are adorable. Rebel is sooo cute!

  4. love Rebel's sleepy look!! :)

  5. Awww, we have a doxie too!! Dachshunds are too funny!! Our Tucker digs in the back yard...on the carpet, couch..really anywhere he can get his little paws. Must be cause they are "hunting" dogs. Although, Tuck wouldn't hurt a fly. Gotta love 'em! Great post!

    Casey @ We Took The Road Less Traveled

  6. What sweet "looks"! Precious! Cute pictures :)


  7. The guilty look is always one of my favorites, even though it usually means a mess! And the doxie's digging look amuses me because I love when floppy eared pups get wonky ears and you have to flop them back down lol.