Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cushing's Syndrome

We may have the culprit to my poor old ladies health issues. This pretty lady has had a rough life... Thankfully, she is still full of spunk, and I love her oh so much.

She still rides like a champ

And refuses to move for her daddy, just to be a pain

And she's still as sweet as can be!

I don't get to see her often, because we board our horses so far away, but that is because we've got them with a man who loves them like his own, and treats them like GOLD! I got the vet out there today, and there were a few little indicators to her that she might have Cushing's Syndrome. I had no idea what it was, so of course I came home and googles away. Her symptoms are VERY similar to the one's exhibited by horses who also have Cushing's. 

Although I'm praying she doesn't have Cushing's, its more likely than not that this is what is causing her weight loss, so if she has to have something wrong with her, I'm glad its something that can be treated. I think I'd die if I had to euthanize her. I can't even think about it :'(

From what I've read, it's a benign tumor on a gland near the brain that is somewhat similar to hyperactive thyroid... but it's the pituitary gland. Cushing's can happen in horses, dogs, even people. There is no cure for it, but there is a medicine that makes it very treatable. At first it was pretty costly, but from what I've read it's only about $20 a month to supply a horse with this medicine, and in a good majority of the cases, it will allow the horse to live a normal healthy life for quite some time. Eventually it can lead to neurological problems, but with her being 22 already, I'm hoping that she'll pass on her own before it comes to that.

I'm so thankfully for a thorough vet, who might possibly have an answer as to what's been going on with my sweet old lady.

You can read more about Cushing's and effective treatment casess HERE. Thanks to all of you who prayed for my pretty lady. Hopefully we can get her straightened out soon, and she can live a long happy life. I would be so appreciative if she does have it, if y'all would send some warm wishes her way, and hopefully the medicine can be as affective in her as it has been in the horses I've been reading about for the past few hours. lol 


  1. I hope that she is ok and can lead a full happy rest of her life! She is a beautiful animal :-)

  2. So glad that it's treatable!!!! This pretty girl needs to feel better!

  3. So glad you have figured out what is going on with your sweet girl!

  4. :) At least there's a treatment. I love these pictures.