Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dr. Doggie M.D.

I posted last week about how my littlest youngest furrchild had his little nuts snipped last week. The vet didnt give him a cone, which was a-okay in my book, because that meant I didnt have to constantly supervise him so that the other 3 furrchildren weren't trying to rip it off of his head.

Well, I caught him licking where he should not have been licking, so I took a peek to see if maybe it was getting infected, only to find out that Rebel must have snuck off to doggie medical school, because he had removed all of his stitches! Doh! Thankfully it was only a few days earlier than the vet had recommended, and he did a swell job, so I guess he saved me from having to pay the vet for another visit.

On a side note: I brought the little booger in last Thursday for his Snip Snip procedure. On Friday, I picked him up after taking two other furrkiddos in for booster shots. When I checked out, the sweet lady at the counter informed me that I'd saved $79.50 for bringing three of them in at once. What?! I'm not complaining about saving all that cash, but since when did the vet's office start taking after my insurance company? Multi-policy discount... Multi-pet discount... same thing, right? Guess I'll be bringing them in to the vet in multiples from now on to save some loot! lol


  1. Glad to hear your little one is doing well! Thanks for becoming a follower again on the new blog. :)

  2. ill take saving money any day!

  3. Our vet does the multi-pet discount too and it's awesome!!!! Yay for money saved.