Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yay for NY!

Let me first say, that this is my blog, and I am allowed to have whatever opinion I want. So bring on the snarky comments!! Ha!

Yesterday the lovely men and women in charge of running the state of NY(my home state) voted by a slight margin to legalize gay marriage in NY. Now, I'm happily married, and I personally think being a lesbian is icky, and have no desire to do so, HOWEVER, I PERSONALLY BELIEVE that you are born gay. I don't think you decide one day that it will be a fun thing to try out (okay, some people do, but they're just seeking attention). I'm attracted to tall country boys with blue eyes and five o'clock shadows. That's what my brain tells me I like, and thats what I married. I think the same thing goes for gay men and women. Their attractions aren't something they can control, it's just what they like... and if they find what they like, and want to get married, then more power to them!

Let me introduce you to my friend Matt. He's an amazing guy who I have known since kindergarten, yes kindergarten! We used to play my little ponies together (There is even a facebook group for all of us ladies who played ponies with him, and knew he was gay all along!). Growing up, a lot of people speculated that he was gay. It wasn't until our junior or senior year that he finally had the courage to admit it. And you know what, EVERYONE STILL LOVED HIM. He's just that cool. No one cared, because most of us already knew. He was even voted the prom king. Out of a class of over 500 kids, that's pretty bad ass. Who went to school with a bunch of homophobes? NOT ME :)

Yep, I'm biting his nipple

We love fireworks

Us with my PIC (who I have talked about on here before). The cups her and I are holding are our official summer drinking cups. Mine and Matts have my little ponies on them, and they all have neckties. They're covered in inside jokes and of course I still have mine :D

Tacky sweater party

Being ridiculous

Making ourselves look fab!

Luckiest dude on the planet. I think he's made out with more chicks than most straight guys. He also gets to grab boobies all the time and say "it's okay. I'm gay." lol

He's currently interning at the men's department at COACH in NYC and I couldn't be prouder. He's an awesome dude, and he deserves the best. His facebook status today: "I can legally get married now!! The next hurdle is to find someone to marry. That's even more of a challenge!"


  1. Exactly! I don't care if people think it's right or wrong. We shouldn't deny someone's civil right to GET MARRIED! That's like saying hey go sit at the back of the bus. Which is NOT cool.

  2. I love this! I am from Mass so we've had legal gay marriage for a while, but it's so exciting to see more states allow it! Love is love so others should be guaranteed the same rights if they are in a loving, committed relationship.

  3. I love this post! Yay for the legalization of gay marriage in if only the rest of the country would catch up.