Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hay is for HORSES :)

I mentioned yesterday that I had quite a horsey adventure yesterday. If you've been reading with me for a while, you know that our older horse has Cushings Syndrome, which causes her to have all sorts of health problems, including being super skinny along her back near her spine. A few weeks ago, I noticed that our other horse, who has no health problems to our knowledge, has been looking skinny as well. I finally decided that I wanted to move them someplace closer to us where I can feed them myself and make sure they're getting what they need. Come to find out, the person we had them with is going through some VERY hard times, and he wasnt caring for them the way he should have, but I understand that things come up in our lives, so it got my butt in gear and I found a great place to keep the horses that is only a few miles from my house. I'm able to feed them both daily, and make sure Illusion is getting her  Cushing's meds (ever try giving meds to a horse? It's NOT fun. lol. My hubs keeps trying to convince me to give them to her rectally. lmao!). I am in such an amazing mood today after going out there both this morning and this afternoon to feed them. I didnt realize how much I missed working with them until now. They've got great personalities and it is too funny to watch them fight over food, and sit at the food buckets as soon as they see my car. Hopefully soon I will be able to get weight back on them and get them looking good as new :)

Here are a few pics of them in their brand new home :D

New next door neighbor

This WHOLE pasture all the way to the fence is all theirs :)

Standing by the gate b/c they are fatties who want me to give them more food

Hey mommy... can I eat your camera?

Illusion our old momma. She's oh so skinny :(

Gilly checking to make sure she didnt miss any food! lol

Bothering the other horses in the next pasture. They were mad b/c I was feeding mine & not them. lol

You wont ever see them in the pasture more than a few feet apart. They're BFFs

See those big holes in my knees? Illusion managed to spit a HUGE mouthful of feed into that hole & it got trapped in my pantleg. It was pretty talented.

Neighbors on the other side... check out that HUGE papa of a draft horse!


  1. Yikes!!! Ribs showing is no bueno! Glad you are able to take care of them now so much closer!! lots of extra carrots !!

  2. oh i love horses. they are beautiful.