Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 Day Challenge

I tried a 30 day challenge, but I didnt make it very far. I'm hoping I can commit to 10 days. I have just about 10 days until I go back to work, so it works out nicely.

I found the idea on Liv's blog (visit here HERE) & she found it on another, so I'm not entirely sure where it started, so I can't give credit, but here it goes:

10 Secrets (or as close to secrets as I've got)
1. I really wish I had the ambition to go to veterinary school. I love my students and all, but I have a million times more compassion for animals. When I watch a movie where a person dies, I rarely cry... however if an animal dies, I cry every time. Every. Time. I'm glad my house isnt any bigger, because I worry I may become an animal hoarder. 
2. I have a severe hatred for nepotism & brown-nosers. I think its disgusting to see the measures that people will go to be the favorite. This school year I will be in a hut outside the building with the rest of the 5th grade. At first I was annoyed at having to move, but I am more than happy to be out of the school and away from all of the butt-kissers. I absolutely refuse to go out of my way to get recognition.
3. I love dating shows like The Bachelor & Sweet Home Alabama... and pretty much every cheesy tween show on ABC family (I'm watching Switched @ Birth as I type this).
4. I could live on sushi and pasta... not together of course. If there was no such thing as pasta, I would be a lot skinnier for sure.
5. I never really liked cartoons... probably because my mom hates them, so we never really watched them growing up
6. I can't stand the idea of being broke. The idea of not having money in my bank account gives me a serious case of anxiety. Thankfully, my dad taught me to be a saver at an early age.
7. Although my husband and I met at a bar, I secretly love the story of how we met. I remember everything from that night, down to what we were wearing. I'm not sure if I've shared this story before, but I'll share it again. I had noticed him looking at me a few times from across the bar. Finally, he came over to talk to me, and on the way he got intercepted by this older woman in a terrible 70's patterned dress. She told him that his friend had sent her over, saying he was single. He looked at me in desperation to save him from her, but all I could do was laugh. He finally got rid of her and came over to yell at me for not helping him... and the rest is history. He was in my phone as "Cougar Lover" for a long time & I still tease him about it.
8. I have a hard time without constant mental stimulation. The hubs always gets on me for being on my computer/in a book so often, but I can't just sit and watch tv. I feel like I always need to be reading something.
9. I hate dusting more than any other chore. (My house may possibly be dusty right now)
10. I'd rather be deaf than blind any day.


  1. I watch those ABC family shows too!

    & I love the story of how y'all met - too cute!!