Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 2: 9 Loves

NINE? I can only pick NINE things I love? Well this sucks!

In no particular order (aside from Family always being #1) here they are:
1. Family
2. Furry animals... most of the ones with feathers... some amphibians are cool too... If you've got scales AND legs, I might like you, but 76 the legs and there is NO LOVE. Snakes. YICK!
3. Art... any form. Painting, drawing, crafting, photography...
4. Country Living... I was so born to live in the South
5. Reading
6. All things Apple/Mac
7. Being outside & experiencing natures beauty
8. Cooking something really delicious (I wish I knew how to bake, but neither the hubs nor I like baked goods, so I have no one to practice on)
9. The relationship I have with my students
10. My belief in God

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