Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thanks for sticking around!

Things have been absolutely crazy here lately. Between vet visits for the horses, and getting myself back into the swing of school, I am absolutely BEAT!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I had to move classrooms this summer. I got moved from my nice new classroom, to an ANCIENT relocatable... aka trailer. It smells and has horrible carpet. This is my 5th year teaching, and lets just say I have a ton of stuff, so moving was no easy task. It took weeks. Add this to the fact that I spent 3 out of my 6 teacher work days in a horrible training class, and I was NOT prepared for the first day of school.

On open house I got to meet 26 of my 27 students, and by the first day, I was up to 29! That's 30 bodies in a not so large trailer. It's been a less than pleasant experience. I'm super thankful that my principal thinks highly enough of me to make me an Academically Gifted class, but it's such a head ache. Every time an AG student gets added, they are put in my room, but she's not pulling students who are not AG out. The other teachers have 25-26 students. I'm hoping the Lord can bless me with some patience, because I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY long year already. lol

We've had the vet out twice in the past month. First the horses needed their teeth floated. Illusion (our old  lady) gave the Dr hell, and refused to fall asleep, even with a double douse of medicine. She was purely rotten. Thankfully Gilly was much better behaved. The Dr took some blood, and her tests came back perfect (except for 1 which she said should level out) so the meds are helping, and she's handling the Cushing's like a champ :D

Gilly has been having some issues with her back leg recently, so we had to have the Dr out again. She came to 3 conclusions. Since she is not in pain, and she can walk on it just fine, we're not going to shell out the thousands of dollars for surgery. She's hoping that it's only a joint problem/arthritis (she's 10) and she wants to try her on a joint supplement and light exercise. Hopefully that works out. If not, she probably wont be able to be ridden again. I'm just super thankful that it's not causing her an problems (it only happens when she runs) so there is absolutely no reason that we will have to put her down because of it. I dont even want to think about what a mess I'd be if it was something more serious.

I'm off to write lesson plans, and pretend to be prepared for my first full week with 29 rug rats.

I'll leave you with a picture of my parents house. My mom got all worked up about me being safe during Irene, when they got hit harder than we did! I never thought it would be safer to be in NC during a hurricane than it is to be in NY! My dad works for the power company, so he will more than likely be spending the next few weeks in NYC/Long Island restoring power. His company has over 1,000 hotel rooms reserved for them.

 They now have lake front property ;)


  1. Happy to see an update from you! I hope you enjoy this school year, you will do great :) glad you were safe and sounds like dad will be busy for a while!

  2. Boy you sure have been busy, haha. Sorry to hear about your {not so} new classroom, that sucks. Also, I know it's not funny but I couldnt help giggle at your parents 'lake front' property. On the upside, it looks super awesome & serene :)

  3. your classroom sounds like a big party with all those students! good luck with the start of a new year! :-)