Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wee #52

{one} what was one thing that you valued when you were a kid?
Back then? It was probably something silly like my American Girl Doll, or my Super NES (which I still have BTW) but looking back I value the imagination I had. We NEVER played inside. If I was home, I was outside with my sister and cousin Tom. If I was at the babysitter, we were normally outside as well. We used to catch critters, make forts & games, and get into all sorts of creative mischief. I really appreciate my parents for sending us out the door with nothing and letting our imaginations run wild. I think it's a lost art with a lot of todays youth, and its somewhat tragic. My children will totally be forced to play outside.

{two} what was your favorite (+ lease favorite) subject in school?
ART. I took every art class that I could in all sorts of mediums. I didnt really hate any class. I disliked teachers b/c they didnt do a good job, or were evil... but I'm the type that always did well at school, so I never really hated it too much.

{three} do you remember your first love?

{four} what one pet would you love to have?
More horses

{five} would you rather live in the country or in the city?
Well I cant very well have horses in the city? Can I? lol. I was born in an itty bitty town in Upstate NY, and I was raised a country girl, and that's what I'll always be, and I'm sure it's what my kids will be. lol

{six} what do you love about blogging?
To me it's like reading a great book that doesnt end!

{seven} what is the first website you visit everyday?

{eight} will you or have you joined google+?

{nine} what is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?
Anything that smells like baked goods

{ten} how would you describe your style?
Depends... at work its business casual. At home it's pjs, and if I'm leaving the house its normally jeans & a tee since I can't wear them to work


  1. I STILL make forts, and I'm 25! ;) I checked out your "About Me," and I saw you love ABC Family. I hope you watch Switched at Birth; I love how they incorporate the deaf culture into a teen show!

    Love your blog! Just stopping by from Wee-Bit Wednesday.


  2. I applaud you for not joining Google plus. A ton of people want me to join but I will just stick with facebook!