Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh WOW!!!

One of my friends posted this on facebook and I obviously had to share it :)
I guess it's not just "People of Walmart" that dress like crap. Gotta watch out for those Lowes employees too!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm a bit suspicious...

The hubs just:

-made me lunch
-did the dishes
-swept the floor
-cleaned the counters/stove
-cleaned off the table
-fed the dogs
-took out the trash

I bet he wants something, but I don't know what it is! lol
Just kidding!
I thanked him a million times for helping.
Let's see how long this lasts ;)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Woohoo happy dance time.

The hubster has been promotable for... well, forever! ha. He passed the board months and months ago, but kept missing promotion points by 20-25 pts each month. He was beyond frustrated because he was so close. I think he'd rather have been 100 pts away.

He asked repeatedly to take a new pt test for more points, but with all the field training, there was never time. He tried to enroll in online classes as well, but no one could remember how to do it, and he got beyond frustrated trying to figure it out himself.

Thankfully points dropped just enough this month for him to be getting promoted. Woohoo. He's super happy, and so am I! Thanks Uncle Sam for a little extra cash each month!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I read this on facebook...

...and then I SOBBED!
A reminder of how much I hate irresponsible pet owners who do not think about all the things that come with owning a dog, then get rid of them for no good reason! It makes me sick.

"I died today. You got tired of me and took me to the shelter. They were overcrowded and I drew an unlucky number. I am in a black plastic bag in a landfill now. Some other puppy will get the barely used leash you left. My collar was dirty and too small, but the lady took it off before she sent me to the Rainbow Bridge . Would I still be at home if I hadn’t chewed your shoe? I didn’t know what it was, but it was leather, and it was on the floor. I was just playing. You forgot to get puppy toys. Would I still be at home if I had been housebroken? Rubbing my nose in what I did only made me ashamed that I had to go at all. There are books and obedience teachers that would have taught you how to teach me to go to the door. Would I still be at home if I hadn’t brought fleas into the house? Without anti-flea medicine, I couldn’t get them off of me after you left me in the yard for days. Would I still be at home if I hadn’t barked? I was only saying, “I’m scared, I’m lonely, I’m here, I’m here! I want to be your best friend.” Would I still be at home if I had made you happy? Hitting me didn’t make me learn how. Would I still be at home if you had taken the time to care for me and to teach manners to me? You didn’t pay attention to me after the first week or so, but I spent all my time waiting for you to love me. I died today. Love, Your Puppy ... Please forward this to everyone, its time to STOP animal abuse!"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Year Older, But No Wiser

Yesterday I turned 26. I am now closer to 30 than 20. Eww

It was a horrible day. HORRIBLE.

I started the morning by finding a black widow in my classroom. In a basket that's been sitting by my feet for weeks. Who knows how long she's been hanging out there.

I had a girl try to spend the day in the bathroom. She wasn't feeling well, and refused to leave the bathroom floor. I got her to come to class, and a little while later she asked to go the bathroom. Not wanting her to puke in my room, I let her go. After 10 minutes, I sent two girls to look for her, and she was MIA. So the girls thankfully were smart enough to go right up to the office and let them know. After an all out manhunt, they found her in a bathroom on the other side of the school. Thank God!! What was the worst was the assistant principal came to ask me what she was wearing, and she was like, well why didnt you tell someone she was missing? Um, I just told you lady! I didn't know she was missing until the office called to tell me the girls couldnt find her. As far as I knew she was puking in the bathroom! What was I supposed to do? Leave 28 kids unattended and go check on her?

Then I had to jet out of school for a workshop that started at 3:15 and was at a school 20 minutes away (on a good day) when our kids don't even get on the bus until 3:15. And of course, I was stuck behind buses, and walked in late at 3:45.

The whole way there I was on the phone with my awesome mama who has been harassing my Dr's office all week. They kept putting the wrong code on my referral, so I've been waiting almost a month to see a specialist. Rahr! Thankfully all of her harassing has paid off. I just got off the phone with Tricare, and my referral is all updated and ready to go :)

The worst part was the whole day my hubs didnt say ANYTHING about it being my birthday. I was so upset! For his sake, he did come home and redeem himself with chocolate cheesecake and the sewing machine I've been wanting. I've been dying to make some things I've seen on pinterest, but I'm NOT sewing them by hand. lol!

So as of around 10am yesterday morning, I am another year older, but I don't feel any wiser. Just worn out, and ready for another summer vacation!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well said Ron Clark, well said indeed :)

I've had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Clark speak in person, and he is motivating beyond belief. He's an amazing educator with an undeniable passion for what he does. If you're a teacher, I would highly recommend that you try to see him speak, or even visit the Ron Clark Academy in Ga. I would LOVE to be able to do that.

I bolded some of my favorite parts of the article/what I found the most interesting.

Enjoy teacher friends... and hopefully I don't offend any parents out there, but I am in love with the fact that he's said what we've all wanted to say. You go, Ron Clark!

Original article can be found HERE

What teachers really want to tell parents

Editor's note:Ron Clark, author of "The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck -- 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers," has been named "American Teacher of the Year" by Disney and was Oprah Winfrey's pick as her "Phenomenal Man." He founded The Ron Clark Academy, which educators from around the world have visited to learn.
(CNN) -- This summer, I met a principal who was recently named as the administrator of the year in her state. She was loved and adored by all, but she told me she was leaving the profession.
I screamed, "You can't leave us," and she quite bluntly replied, "Look, if I get an offer to lead a school system of orphans, I will be all over it, but I just can't deal with parents anymore; they are killing us."
Unfortunately, this sentiment seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. Today, new teachers remain in our profession an average of just 4.5 years, and many of them list "issues with parents" as one of their reasons for throwing in the towel. Word is spreading, and the more negativity teachers receive from parents, the harder it becomes to recruit the best and the brightest out of colleges.
So, what can we do to stem the tide? What do teachers really need parents to understand?
For starters, we are educators, not nannies. We are educated professionals who work with kids every day and often see your child in a different light than you do. If we give you advice, don't fight it. Take it, and digest it in the same way you would consider advice from a doctor or lawyer. I have become used to some parents who just don't want to hear anything negative about their child, but sometimes if you're willing to take early warning advice to heart, it can help you head off an issue that could become much greater in the future.
Trust us. At times when I tell parents that their child has been a behavior problem, I can almost see the hairs rise on their backs. They are ready to fight and defend their child, and it is exhausting. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I tell a mom something her son did and she turns, looks at him and asks, "Is that true?" Well, of course it's true. I just told you. And please don't ask whether a classmate can confirm what happened or whether another teacher might have been present. It only demeans teachers and weakens the partnership between teacher and parent.
Please quit with all the excuses
The truth is, a lot of times it's the bad teachers who give the easiest grades, because they know by giving good grades everyone will leave them alone.
Ron Clark
And if you really want to help your children be successful, stop making excuses for them. I was talking with a parent and her son about his summer reading assignments. He told me he hadn't started, and I let him know I was extremely disappointed because school starts in two weeks.
His mother chimed in and told me that it had been a horrible summer for them because of family issues they'd been through in July. I said I was so sorry, but I couldn't help but point out that the assignments were given in May. She quickly added that she was allowing her child some "fun time" during the summer before getting back to work in July and that it wasn't his fault the work wasn't complete.
Can you feel my pain?
Some parents will make excuses regardless of the situation, and they are raising children who will grow into adults who turn toward excuses and do not create a strong work ethic. If you don't want your child to end up 25 and jobless, sitting on your couch eating potato chips, then stop making excuses for why they aren't succeeding. Instead, focus on finding solutions.
Parents, be a partner instead of a prosecutor
And parents, you know, it's OK for your child to get in trouble sometimes. It builds character and teaches life lessons. As teachers, we are vexed by those parents who stand in the way of those lessons; we call them helicopter parents because they want to swoop in and save their child every time something goes wrong. If we give a child a 79 on a project, then that is what the child deserves. Don't set up a time to meet with me to negotiate extra credit for an 80. It's a 79, regardless of whether you think it should be a B+.
This one may be hard to accept, but you shouldn't assume that because your child makes straight A's that he/she is getting a good education. The truth is, a lot of times it's the bad teachers who give the easiest grades, because they know by giving good grades everyone will leave them alone. Parents will say, "My child has a great teacher! He made all A's this year!"
Wow. Come on now. In all honesty, it's usually the best teachers who are giving the lowest grades, because they are raising expectations. Yet, when your children receive low scores you want to complain and head to the principal's office.
Please, take a step back and get a good look at the landscape. Before you challenge those low grades you feel the teacher has "given" your child, you might need to realize your child "earned" those grades and that the teacher you are complaining about is actually the one that is providing the best education.
And please, be a partner instead of a prosecutor. I had a child cheat on a test, and his parents threatened to call a lawyer because I was labeling him a criminal. I know that sounds crazy, but principals all across the country are telling me that more and more lawyers are accompanying parents for school meetings dealing with their children.
Teachers walking on eggshells
I feel so sorry for administrators and teachers these days whose hands are completely tied. In many ways, we live in fear of what will happen next. We walk on eggshells in a watered-down education system where teachers lack the courage to be honest and speak their minds. If they make a slight mistake, it can become a major disaster.
My mom just told me a child at a local school wrote on his face with a permanent marker. The teacher tried to get it off with a wash cloth, and it left a red mark on the side of his face. The parent called the media, and the teacher lost her job. My mom, my very own mother, said, "Can you believe that woman did that?" (*** edit from me: This happens more often then you'd think!! One of my very good friends is on administrative leave because of something equally as ridiculous... She cries on a daily basis. We shouldn't have to go to school every day worried we might do something to get fired... or even NOT do something, and have a student accuse us of doing something. Another very good friend of mine was on administrative leave last year because a student (who NEVER got punished EVER, no matter how many kids she hit) accused her of grabbing her arm. There were 3 other adults on the playground, including myself, who witnessed that it never happened, but they still brought in the cops and made a big debacle out of it... of course the child wasnt punished for lying either... Even administrators are scared to do their jobs for fear of losing them)
I felt hit in the gut. I honestly would have probably tried to get the mark off as well. To think that we might lose our jobs over something so minor is scary. Why would anyone want to enter our profession? If our teachers continue to feel threatened and scared, you will rob our schools of our best and handcuff our efforts to recruit tomorrow's outstanding educators.
Finally, deal with negative situations in a professional manner.
If your child said something happened in the classroom that concerns you, ask to meet with the teacher and approach the situation by saying, "I wanted to let you know something my child said took place in your class, because I know that children can exaggerate and that there are always two sides to every story. I was hoping you could shed some light for me."If you aren't happy with the result, then take your concerns to the principal, but above all else, never talk negatively about a teacher in front of your child. If he knows you don't respect her, he won't either, and that will lead to a whole host of new problems. (***Edit from me: BOLD, UNDERLINED, ITALICIZED... this is SOOOOO important parents!!)
We know you love your children. We love them, too. We just ask -- and beg of you -- to trust us, support us and work with the system, not against it. We need you to have our backs, and we need you to give us the respect we deserve. Lift us up and make us feel appreciated, and we will work even harder to give your child the best education possible.
That's a teacher's promise, from me to you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day Y'all

Today is my LAST day off until Thanksgiving! Isn't that insane?! I always remember getting Columbus Day off back in NY, but apparently in the South, we do not celebrate it. Boooooo!! lol

I'm off to spend the day NOT laboring. lol. I plan on relaxing with the hubster and doing a whole lot of nothing. I just wanted to stop in and share some funny pictures of my grandfather. This is my dad's dad. Him & his cousins were picketing one Labor Day when he was in his late teens/early twenties because my Great Great Aunt Rose had them working on the farm on Labor Day. Hope y'all find them as amusing as me :)

You can't really read all of their signs because these photos are about 60 years old, but they say things like "Aunt Rose is a Scab" "Unamerican to work on Labor Day" "Communist" etc etc. lol My grandfather is the ring leader all the way to the right with his "drum"

The Picket Line
This is in front of my Great Great Aunt's house. My Great Aunt Rose still live in this house.

Gramps & Aunt Rose... isnt he such a stud?!

Working anyways. lol
This barn is still across the street from her house, although it hasnt had cows since my dad was little. Now they use it as storage. It's probably 100 years old

The barn as it stands today-You can see it's got a stone foundation instead of cement. My Aunt's house is the same way. It's got rocks holding up the wall of the basement instead of cement, that's how old the house is. Its pretty creepy to be in that basement, let me tell ya!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magic Trash

For all of my fellow teachers out there, or even mommies!

I mentioned in my last post that I got moved out into this horrible hut (or "the shed" as my husband so lovingly refers to it) and its got old, stinky, filthy carpet. Our custodians are stretched thin, so we normally dont get our rooms cleaned daily. Last year it was no problem at all, because I would just have my kiddos sweep the floor. They were such a helpful bunch & would literally fight over who got to sweep. This year with my nasty carpets, we can't just sweep up our messes, we have to wait for the custodian to vacuum. So, we play MAGIC TRASH :D Yes, I trick my kiddos into cleaning up THEIR mess, but they love playing it, so I don't feel bad.

You walk around the room and mentally pick out one piece of trash. Then you have the students start picking up the trash and showing it to you. You look at the trash & tell them if they picked up the "Magic Trash" or not. Whoever picks up the Magic Trash gets a piece of candy from the candy jar. Once they find it you can pick a new piece until the floor is all cleaned up. Mostly with my kiddos its little pieces of paper and pencil shavings. I wouldnt have my kiddos picking up gross things like tissues or gum.

Just a fun little idea that got passed along to me, so I am passing it along to y'all.